Why you shouldn't rest your hand on the gear shift knob


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Many drivers are guilty of resting their hands on the gear shift knob but it's not good for the gear shift system. See the reasons why you should do so, explained by our experts!

There has been an ongoing debate on the issue of someone resting his/her hand on the gear stick knob. Some drivers say it's Ok while others are against the act. This debate is trending on many automotive forums and it's because a lot of car drivers have formed the habit of resting their hands on the shift knob. Car safety experts have always advised that both hands should be on the steering while one is driving on the road. It’s a vital safety measure.

With both hands on the steering, you can easily whirl the car immediately if there's an emergency. But if you have one of your hand on the gear, you may not have much time to react in the event of an emergency. This habit should be stopped.

Let's see the reason you shouldn't rest hand on the shift knob, as stated here on Naijauto.

1. Resting hand on the gear shift knob shortens its lifespan

The gear shift knob is used by manual transmission vehicles for changing gears. Many drivers place their hands on the shift knob for resting. It’s most evident when they are in traffic or during a long trip. You can easily change gears when you're around crowded areas. And while you may consider resting your hand on your gear shift knob to be relaxing, it's not good for your car. This singular act, somehow, is damaging the whole transmission system. It reduces the lifespan of the shift knob and system.


Resting your hand on the gear shift knob will reduce its lifespan

There's a connection between the gear shift knob and fork beneath the knob's set up. You will find the fork in the transmission system. The fork's connection with the control rod helps drivers change gears. When a driver changes gear, the fork will shift. The teeth evident on the fork and control rod enables them to connect and with it, the process becomes smoother.

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2. Gearbox parts may get damaged

Your hand acts as a large force when you rest it on the shift knob. And it's capable of causing damage to the gearbox parts, such as breaking it. It will happen if you continue at it. This is because it is made from metal shafts or plastic. And if it's plastic, you know plastic fork breaks or get damaged easily. But the lifespan can be extended when you use a metal fork instead, in the gears shift system.


When you rest your hand on the gear shift, you add extra force to it

Manufacturers make use of strong materials to produce the gear shift fork which is meant to withstand the normal force being applied to it when changing gear. However, you put in more force when you place your hand on the shift. Auto experts advise the hands to be placed back on the wheels after the gear must have been changed.

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