How do I replace my lost driver's license in Nigeria?


Posted by: Joshua-Philip Okeafor

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Have you lost your driver's license, or maybe it's just expired? See our steps by steps guide below to renew or replace your driving license in Nigeria!

1. Introduction

Driving a vehicle in Nigeria is tedious enough, especially when it's in crowded cities like Lagos and Port-Harcourt. Of course, it helps when drivers on the road are competently licensed to drive. This means to a large extent, driving safety is dependent on if drivers have a driver’s license.


A driver's license is used for a lot more than just driving

What is the consequence of driving without a driver's license?

Driving without a license in Nigeria is a grave offence that attracts grievous penalties, such as having your cars impounded, and your vehicle’s particulars, or other documentation seized from you. 

Worse still, your vehicle can even be towed to the nearest police station or the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC; a road and transportation regulatory body of Nigeria) station and you oculd be fined  to the tune of  ₦10,000 or more depending on the offence.

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The FRSC is mandated to issue licenses through the licensing office

2. How to replace your lost driver's license?

Drivers are exected to renew their driver’s license every three to five years to be eligible to drive on Nigerian roads as the fear of FRSC is the beginning of wisdom to all road workers and drivers.

Therefore, if at any point in time, you misplaced your driver’s license, or it has expired, you need to get a replacement as soon as possible. There’s no need to panic however, in this write-up, brings you details of how to obtain your license or recover it without stress and without the fear of being conned.

  1. Report at the nearest police station
  2. Obtain a police excerpt / report with the license number
  3. Swear an affidavit at the court.
  4. With a copy of the lost license, go to the FRSC driver's licence office. To apply for a replaced driver license, follow the steps as stated below. (From this level, this also goes for a renewal of an expired driver's license.)
  5. Proceed to MLA or Motor Licencing Authority, to obtain and complete Form MVA 12.
  6. Pay the required amount of about ₦6000 (six thousand naira) to the MLA.
  7. You’ll be required to fill out the form.
  8. Having done that, the MLA will send the filled out form to the FRSC (IPC) for processing.
  9. You can then proceed to the FRSC Information Processing Centre (IPC) for a physical or biometric capture of your passport photograph, fingerprints, and then your signature.
  10. The processed license is then sent to MLA for distribution to all successful applicants.

On the other hand, you can apply online for the retrieval of a lost license or for a renewal in case of expiration. The online platform is easier and faster, as the processing can take you less than an hour.


One necessary step to take in obtaining your new license is to have your biometrics info captured

How to apply for a new driver's license online

Step 1: Complete online tasks

  1. Log onto FRSC’s Nigeria Driver’s License website.
  2. Click on DL Application and then select Driver’s license renewal.
  3. On the next page, you will be required to present your previous license number and your date of birth.
  4. Then search, but you have to know that if your license is expired for over 30 days, you cannot exceed this level.
  5. You will be redirected to the next page where you have to select renewal options, either — the 3 years license that costs ₦6,350 or 5 years that costs ₦10,450.
  6. Scroll down and ensure that all your bio-data is correct and up-to-date, and if not, edit it to suit yourself.
  7. Scroll down further to an icon that reads "processing Office"; note that the previous State and the local government where you initially processed your previous driver’s license will be automatically selected. Well, you may edit it if you want.
  8. Then, click on Submit.
  9. A preview of your application will be displayed to ensure all data is correct before proceeding.
  10. You can make the option of paying online, with your Interswitch/Visa or Master card. Fortunately, this does not attract any extra charges.
  11. Once your payment is received and confirmed, your Driver’s License Application Acknowledgment Slip will be uploaded immediately, with your payment status and the expiry date of your license updated as well.
  12. You have to make a copy of your Application ID from the page.
  13. Then, click on Print and print out your acknowledgment slip.
  14. Then, return to the navigation menu or icon and click on Track DL Application status.
  15. Then, enter your new Application ID and your date of birth.
  16.  Make a copy of, or print one copy of the Payment Confirmation Slip.


Online processing can save you a lot of time and is more efficient

Step 2: Proceed to the physical process

  1. Proceed to the Processing Office you selected during your online application with a print out of your Driver’s License Application Acknowledgment Slip, a print out of your Payment Confirmation Slip, a photocopy of your Current driver’s license, the original copy is more advisable, and two recent Passport photographs.

  2. Present all these documents to the FRSC officer at the processing unit.

  3. Then, proceed to the MVAA (Motor Vehicle Administration Agency) section where the presiding officer will confirm or acknowledge your slip.

Step 3: Pass the test of traffic rules

  1. You proceed to the Vehicle Inspection Service unit, where you will be required to undertake a written test (VIS test), a ten-question test that costs about ₦2,200; you may pay through cash, a transfer or with a POS machine.
  2. You will be enlightened by the officer about traffic and driving rules, after which your slip will be cross validated.
  3. Your acknowledgement print out will be stamped and documented.

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3. Premium services of driver license renewal

Premium service is a new initiative that has been intoduced by the licensing authorities. It allows you to fast-track the licensing process, and get the document delivered to your address within 48 hours. This will come at a cost of an extra ₦26,500.   


Want your license fast-tracked? Use premium services of the website for ₦26,500

To be road-worthy in Nigeria you must have a driver’s license; additionally, it is also one of the recognized means of identification in the country. Therefore, it is important for you to get one, renew an expired one, or retrieve a lost one to maintain your confidence on the road while driving.

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