7 stupid reasons why the rate of road accident in Nigeria has doubled


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Accidents in Nigeria on the road has increased by twce. Read on to discover why!

Accidents have always been in existence from the time cars were invented. The first car accident occurred 10 years after cars were invented and sadly since then, it has been happening every day all over the world.

The rate of road accidents in Nigeria alone would shock you to your bones. There are over 1000 deaths from road accidents in every quarter of the year but I have noticed that the rate of accidents since the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown was lifted has doubled on our roads. Taking Lagos as an example, every week since Covid Lockdown was lifted, there is at least one form of a car crash on the Lekki Epe Expressway and this has everyone thinking about what the problems could be. Some people are tying it to diabolical conclusions and I do not blame them. 


Accidents Left Right Front Back and Centre 

Just recently, a fast-rising music star; Victony, was involved in a car crash that claimed one person's life and left him with serious leg injuries. Nigerians on Twitter were kind enough to start up a 'GoFundMe' account to raise enough money for Victony's surgery. 

Today, I just want us to reflect on the possible causes of the increased rate of road accidents in Nigeria. According to research, 80 percent of road accidents could have been prevented if the driver just did the right thing at the right time on the road.

Sadly, there are factors on our roads that have been contributing to the increased rate of accidents and I would be largely using Lagos as a case study so we can understand the dangers out there on the road and the things we do as drivers and road users that lead to road accidents. 

The 7 stupid causes of the increased rate of accidents on our roads 

1. The Lekki Road Dividers

Lekki-Epe road was rehabilitated during the lockdown period. The government re-constructed every junction that had traffic lights from Lekki Phase 1 down to the Chevron Bus-stop area. I noticed that the kerbs that demarcate the road often gets unnoticed by many drivers because it is not high above the ground.


These road dividers are a leading cause of accidents in Lekki currently and any other road that has them

Many drivers run over this kerb and it results in crazy accidents. This new style of using low kerbs to separate roads in road construction has not been fully adopted by drivers. However, at night there are reflectors to indicate diversions but still, drivers ram into these concrete kerbs and it ends up in a disaster. 

A lot of drivers that ply this route are newbies on the road. They don't have a perfect direction to where they are going. Most result in using Google Maps and there is always a need for quick decision turn because compensating for missed road might take time. As a result of this, a lot of drivers take sharp turns that make them run over the unseen road dividers. 

2. Younger Inexperienced and Unsupervised drivers 

Just after the lockdown period, the teenage population of Nigeria wanted to go out to places because of the restriction and house arrest that the Corona Virus caused and in doing this, they go out with their parent's or guardian's cars without permission.


Younger drivers need all the training they can get

These inexperienced drivers end up causing some form of accidents on the road. I once saw a teen female just burst out to the Lekki express from a junction and she drove straight to the fast lane which was just very wrong. She crossed the express with a car, without minding other road users. This can only be as a result of a lack of road driving knowledge. It could have led to a fatal accident if I was speeding.


Younger drivers cannot be skipping driving schools 

Parents and guardians need to do better by ensuring that their wards are not driving a car without proper driving experience. It is because the number of road laws enforcement agencies has reduced on the road that is why people are risking driving cars without legal papers and licenses. 

3. Alcohol and weed addiction

Alcohol, drugs and weed addiction is something that has been on the rise amongst youths in Nigeria. There has been an increase in the sales of weed, marijuana, party drugs, crack cocaine, alcohol and other stimulants that make drivers that use them misbehave on the road. Everybody wants to be high and do things they would normally not do but it is killing. 


Drinking and Driving is something we all need to stop already

A couple of accidents that have happened in Nigeria since the lockdown can be traced to a drunk or intoxicated driver and this is just very sad to know. 

4. Movies 

A lot of drivers are really out on the road trying to do the most impossible car stunts and driving skills from movies. Movies like 6 underground have a lot of drivers thinking they can drive their cars under a trailer on the road. 


These things are not real, we need to chill 

I know it sounds weird to you that movies can cause accidents. I have seen a couple of drivers that try to make stupid moves on the road and the inspiration was either Fast and Furious, Need for speed or one of those movies that every car lover should have watched

5. Social Media

Everyone and their moms are on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook these days as a picture, or drop a comment under someone's tweet and guess what? They do this while on the steering of a car and it just needs to stop. Sadly, social media has become an enemy to the lives of a lot of people but they don't even know it yet. 


Social Media doing more harm than good 

Social media is very addictive and it gets deadly when it is being used while driving a car. Using a mobile device while driving reduces a driver's reaction time to anything to about 50 percent, which just explains why it leads to road accidents. When a driver needs to react to the car in front of him/her, the distraction from social media usage just throws them into an accident. 

6. Trying to Impress 

Another stupid reason why there has been an increase in the rate of road accidents in Nigeria is that a lot of drivers are trying to impress friends or strangers on the road with impressive driving skills and daredevil moves. This happens to a lot of young people a lot.


Trying to Impress friends and onlookers is something we are sometimes guilty of

Let me give you a perfect scenario. There is a young lad driving a 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class and then an uber pulls up beside him in traffic containing 4 under 24 ladies all dressed for a party. The Benz lad will try to speed excessively just to prove to the girls admiring his car that he has not just a beautiful car but a fast racehorse also. In doing this, the young lad loses control then collides with a stationary trailer parked by the side of the road. 

7. Ignorance of others 

The last stupid reason why there has been a rise in road accidents on the road will be the ignorance of other road users. There was a multiple-car accident that claimed about 12 cars on the Lekki Epe Expressway. It was caused by a trailer that spilt industrial paint raw materials on the road causing cars to slide and render car brakes useless. Every car that ran over the chemicals slipped and crashed into something when trying to stop.

This is just one of many examples that happen every day on the road. I was driving on the third mainland bridge the other day and a family of 5 stood on the road with their car broken down just around a bend that many speeding cars pass. They could have placed a C-Caution on the road to alert oncoming vehicles to slow down. 


Too many ignorant road users make the road deadly for drivers 

Ignorance plays a major role in many accidents that happen on the road today. Knowing what to do right during an accident will come in handy to reduce these unfortunate road happenings. 



We need these people back on the road for major reasons

There! my friends are 7 stupid reasons why the rate of road accidents in Nigeria has increased by twice. Make sure you send the link of this article to 10 people you love and care about because even though everybody doesn't drive, everybody enters a car to go from one place to another. It is no more lockdown season, life has almost returned to normal. 

Having said that, you should check out our website Naijauto.com for more tips and advice on anything car related in Nigeria. 

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