2 immediate reactions if you find yourself amidst an accident


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No one would ever wish to be involved in an accident, but you can't ever be sure. Please educate yourself on the matter today for your own good!

Accidents are inevitable, that's the way it is, but they are sure preventable. One way you can do that is by driving in an appropriate manner and abide by the law, and hence greatly reduce the risk of being involved in accidents. 

But sometimes accidents just happen, if it's not us then some people out there will. Maybe they have been drinking too much, maybe it was a swift sleepy moment. Either way, the one getting hurt is us and there's no point in avoiding talking about accidents. Bear with us Naijauto to see steps and measures you need to do in a car accident:

1. Initial assessment

First off, in any sort of accident, the first thing you should do is taking care of yourself. Check your body if there's an injury, check if there are any dislocated body parts (in some cases, the victim doesn't feel pain even when somebody parts were displaced).


Some body parts can be out of place without the victim feeling pain

When you're sure that you are OKAY, proceed to check the involved parties. If the accident involves many people, check the one that seems the most badly injured and then move on to the next. You should check their pulse and breath, the 2 most essential vital signs. 

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2. Course of actions

If you see some of them bleeding or vomiting, carefully let them rest on the side so that the fluids do not suffocate them. Also, don't try to let them drink or feed them anything, for the above reason. 


If you are not sure how to react to other victims, you can always dial the number 112

When there were no or definite vital signs, it's time to call the ambulance, some people are better off on their own. If you don't have the relevant expertise, leave it for the professionals. For example, if their necks or spines are in awkward positions, don't attempt to touch or move him. In the meantime, clear the surroundings so that the victims would have air to breathe.

3. Final notes

Being in an accident can be a devastating experience to anyone, no matter how tough one is. So prepare yourself mentally before getting into the road so that you would be able to react quickly and correctly follow the procedures laid out below.

Good luck driving! And don't forget to educate yourself with our Safe driving tips from Naijauto experts!

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