Pros and cons of driving an automatic car


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Get a little more driving educated with the advantages and disadvantages of automatic cars

Automatic cars are becoming ever popular. Although driving an automatic car is not as complicated as driving a manual one, some drivers still struggle to take good control of their vehicles. 

Manual and automatic transmissions are the two most popular gearbox types. However, most drivers prefer automatic gearboxes due to its superiorness when it comes to operation and control. Besides, automatic transmission gives the car a more luxury, courtesy look over its manual counterparts. In this article, Naijauto will discuss more pros and cons of driving an automatic car.

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What is an automatic transmission car?

An automatic transmission car is a car which features an automatic transmission (AT). The AT allows easier control than a manual transmission (MT) does. Many types of automatic transmissions are made available in the market to meet customer needs.

Most automatic gearboxes offer four driving modes, namely "P"(Park), "D" (Drive), "N"(Neutral), and "R"(Reverse).

“Park” mode should be used as the driver stops driving and get out of the cabin. This mode helps lock the transmission and prevent the car from rolling away.

“Reverse” mode is applied to drive the car backward. It is similar to the reverse gear on a manual car.

“Neutral” mode is like keeping a manual transmission separated from the gear. Selecting “Neutral” mode allows the driver to stop the car promptly when complementing the handbrake. Remember, don't select this mode when the car is on the move.

“Drive” mode will automatically select gears to run the car.

The automatic transmission shift indicator system

The automatic transmission shift indicator system

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The advantages of driving an automatic car

In automatic transmission shift indicator system, there is a display which shows gear indicators clearly such as "P"(Park), "D" (Drive), "N"(Neutral), and "R"(Reverse) along with a few numbers. Therefore, the vehicle's driver just needs to move the shifter to the transmission gears they want. Besides, the driver simply has to put the car in drive and it automatically coordinates among the throttle, clutch, and gears. As the result, the driver can absolutely pay more attention to maintaining an appropriate speed and staying awake on the road.

In addition, when driving an automatic car, the driver just needs to focus on the road and is not distracted by the stick shift with its extra components. What’s more, it is easier to control the automatic car than other types of car in some certain driving conditions such as climbing up a hill or slow moving traffic.

All factors, namely the peace of mind or simplicity are the main advantages of the automatic car enable it to become the preferred vehicles at the present.

A woman is driving an automatic car

When driving an automatic car, the driver just needs to focus on the road

The disadvantages of driving an automatic car

For those who are interested in the feeling of vehicle control do not prefer driving an automatic car because they rarely use the gear stick during the whole journey, the torque converter will help drivers push the car forward. Besides, the fuel consumption of the AT car is also much more than that of a manual one.

When moving by an automatic car, it is more difficult for a driver to overtake or pass other drivers in the same direction because it does not allow the driver to purposely choose a lower gear to boost engine power. What’s more, it is more dangerous and adventurous to drive the car in the sloping mountain pass with an automatic transmission.

A man driving ann automatic car

It is more dangerous and adventurous to drive the car on sloping mountain passes

with an automatic transmission

How to safely drive an automatic car

According to auto experts, the AT car is extremely easy to drive. However, many drivers have a lot of troubles with starting or stopping the car. Follow these below rules to drive an automatic car easily and safely.

Start the AT car

  • Step 1: After getting into the car, you should shift the gear lever into “Park”
  • Step 2: Put the right foot on the brake pedal and depress it. At the same time, use the key or put start button to start the vehicle and move the gear in “Drive” or “Reverse” depending on your purpose.

Stop the AT car

  • Step 1: Keep the foot on the left-hand pedal and move the shift to “Park” to stop the car after your travel.
  • Step 2: Turn the ignition off before exiting the AT car.

In addition, stay depress your foot on the left-hand pedal to reduce the car’s speed when parking or being in low-speed traffic.

During your journey, the gearbox will automatically select the right gear for all situations happening on the road and do all the difficult job for drivers.

The dos and don'ts of driving an automatic transmission

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