14 prohibited places to avoid parking car in Nigeria (FRSC)


Posted by: Oluwatobi Ogunrinde

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The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has adviced Nigerians on the places to avoid parking their vehicles. To avoid paying fines, this article contains 14 prohibited places for parking car in Nigeria.

The FRSC (Federal Road Safety Corps), is the Government Agency with statutory responsibilities for road safety administration in Nigeria. The commission is saddled with the responsibility of preventing or minimizing accidents on the highway, clearing obstructions on any part of the highways, educating drivers, motorists and other members of the public generally on the proper use of the highways, and a host of other responsibilities.

Most importantly, the members of the commission have the power to arrest and prosecute persons reasonably suspected of having committed any traffic offense. With this in mind, no one is allowed to park wherever there’s a “NO PARKING” sign or where your vehicle will obstruct the views of other road users or constitute a danger to them.

The Federal Road Safety Corp went further to educate the Nigeria populace with 14 prohibited places to avoid car parking:

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Avoid parking at certain places; otherwise, you have troubles with these men!

  1. Road Junctions (opposite or within 10 meters: 32 ft. of a junction).
  2. Bends or corners.
  3. Top/crest of a hill.
  4. Narrow bridge.
  5. Railway line crossing.
  6. On zebra crossings and at emergency entrances/exits e.g. hospitals, roadside clinics, road safety offices, police stations, fire stations, and fire hydrants.
  7. Entrances of markets, schools, and private residence.
  8. Footpath, pavement or cycle path.
  9. The left-hand side of the road at night (except in one-way street).
  10. On flyovers, in tunnels or in underpasses (unless there are signs to say you may park there).
  11. On expressways (except on the hard shoulder in an emergency).
  12. Where you will make the road narrow.
  13. Opposite another parked vehicle if this would narrow the road lesser than the width of two vehicles (double parking).
  14. Near road construction works.

To be on the safe end, it is best to obey the rules to avoid embarrassment or arrest.

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Oluwatobi Ogunrinde

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