Why should you give accurate information on passenger manifest?


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Accurate information in the passenger manifest not only serves the government's collected data but also is beneficial to the victim him/herself if any road mishap might happen.

Passenger manifest is one thing you should have heard of one way or another especially in different kinds of transportation systems available in the country. This requires every passenger giving some necessary information to document properly by making use of the passenger manifest.

1. What is a passenger manifest?

A manifest is often defined as a list comprising crew and passengers of an aircraft, ship or vehicle. Generally speaking, it is a globally acceptable documentation of passengers’ basic information. When there is an occurrence of a mishap, it makes it easy to identify every victim and also very useful if there is need for compensation.


It is required of you to put basic and accurate information of you on the manifest for proper documentation

Due to many reasons which are unknown to many, some passengers often refuse to put down their accurate information. This is why many people are still in hospital or lying dead in the morgue with nobody to come to their rescue or claim their bodies. Sometimes, these people could be declared missing when they just got involved in a ghastly road accident.

These cases usually happen because they failed to give correct information about themselves in the passenger manifest. So, the information there serve no useful purpose in getting their identities or finding their families by transport owners, government agencies or even some humanitarian agencies.

2. Consequences of not giving accurate information on passenger manifest

The following are what would happen when you fail to give your accurate information in the passenger manifest or nothing at all:

  • Extreme difficulty in recognising the identity of the victims involved in an accident.
  • Growing number of unidentified people lying in critical conditions or dead in state hospitals, putting financial burden on the government.
  • Inadequate proper healthcare for the affected victims.
  • Headaches to security outfit especially in the case of missing persons.
  • Families of the missing persons being in agonies and pain for a long period of time.

In order to avoid this kind of problem, the Federal Road Safety Commission in partnership with transport industry stakeholders brought the passenger manifest into every form of road transport. This means according to National Road Traffic Regulations, every commercial road operator especially for transport must make use of the passenger manifest whether it is from town to another or city to city.


Everyone desires to get to their destination safely. But, you can never tell!

The following would happen if you provide accurate information on the vehicle manifest

  • Rapid contact of victims’ families through easy identification in order to ensure proper treatments or medical attention.
  • Helps the government to have accurate road mishap data and ensure proper ways of alleviating possible future crashes.
  • Helps in carrying out proper monitoring of owners of those vehicles for fast contact in case of road mishap.
  • It quickens the clearance and recovery of dead passengers or victims of accidents by their loved ones.

Understanding passenger manifest (transportation)

Therefore, passengers are urged to always provide accurate information in the manifest for everybody’s gains. We all know it is very hard to get accurate info from a passenger that is still in shock or unconscious from the accident.

Final take

Now you can see why it is important for you to always provide accurate information about yourself in the passenger manifest anytime you are taking a trip. That's not only beneficial to you but also contributing to reduce the burden for the country or surrounding people in case of unfortunate incidents.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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