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Regardless of how long you've been behind the wheels, you can't exactly be above defensive driving lessons. We've listed 7 online defensive driving courses you can take at your convenience, and also download certificates after successful completion.

The National Safety Council (NFC) is a nonprofit organization that is aimed at eliminating preventable deaths in homes, at work, our general environment, and on the road through consistent leadership, in-depth research, education, and advocacy.

Focusing on the education aspect, the NSC runs Defensive Driving Online Courses that deliver the most relevant and foremost content, to educate and encourage your employees to become responsible drivers. For each program, every student is entitled to a full-course narration, high definition videos, gaming exercises, educative interactive sessions, closed captioning, crash scenarios, and animated illustrations. After every successfully completed course, you can print a certificate of completion

NSC Online Defensive Driving Courses offers a cost-effective solution to help:

  • Shrink vehicle repair bills and replacement costs
  • Minimize exposure to liability risks and costs
  • Decrease the risk of motor vehicle collisions and traffic violations
  • Lower fleet insurance premiums, workers’ compensation, and accident claims
  • Keep your employees safe on the road, on and off the job

Naijauto have listed some of the courses offered as well as a link to the course preview:

1. Defensive Driving Course Online (4-hour and 2-hour course)

Under this course, participants experience real-life driving situations, structured to motivate and encourage them to change their behaviors while driving. This course includes a convenient bookmark feature, closed captioning for the hearing impaired,  and of course, a printable certificate of completion. Each course is available in English and Spanish.

The 4-hour Course is a comprehensive program that contains defensive driving strategies. It addresses unsafe driving behaviors and the most dangerous driving situations. You can learn more about the 4-hour Course here.

The 2-hour Course is perfect for a refresher and post-incident training. It covers the primary learning points from the 4-hour Course. Participants gain the basic knowledge and skills to recognize and avoid motor vehicle collisions, and also to identify the benefits of defensive driving. Note that the 2-hour Course does not contain the adaptive curriculum feature which is available in the 4-hour course. Learn more about the 2-hour Course here.

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Instead of spending hours outside, you can now learn driving online

2. Distracted Driving Online (90-minute and 45-minute course)

Participants get to understand the impact of multitasking behind the wheel, the legal and financial consequences, as well as the federal and state laws that support the consequences. During the course, they're faced with actual driving cases and incident evaluation. This helps them understand the risk involved and how to curb nonchalant attitudes towards driving. This course also includes a printable certificate of completion, closed captioning for those who have hearing difficulties, and a suitable bookmark option. 

The 90-minute course is designed to fit the participant’s profile, behaviors towards distracted driving, as well as risk level. Appropriate content, driving scenarios, and videos are provided to re-assess the individual’s risk level. As a business owner, you have an option to include your corporate cell phone policy in the course. Learn more about the 90-minute Course here.

45-minute course is an abbreviated version of the 90-minute course. It contains the primary learning points but you can not include corporate cell phone policy in this 45-minute course. Learn more about the 45-minute Course here.

To register for a distracted driving online course, please visit NCS registration portal for this course.

3. Defensive Driving Online Modules

With the Defensive Driving Online Modules, you can decide to train your employees on a single topic or choose all the topics listed below to ensure a comprehensive training program. Each module presents real-life driving scenarios and hazards recognition exercises that will educate employees about safe driving practices. Each session includes narration, a convenient bookmark feature, and closed captioning for the hearing impaired. Approximately 20 minutes in length, you can print your certificate after successful completion of each Module. Preview the Defensive Driving Online Modules here.

The DDC Online Modules include:

  • Lane Management 
  • Speed Management 
  • Avoiding Impaired Driving 
  • Avoiding Fatigued Driving 
  • Avoiding Aggressive Driving 
  • Intersections
  • Weather and Road Conditions 
  • Backing and Parking Lot Strategies 
  • Avoiding Fixed Objects

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Even professional drivers can find suitable online courses for themselves

4. Motorcycle Safety Online

It's a 2-hour course, structured for experienced motorcycle riders. The Motorcycle Safety Course includes street riding strategies to avoid deadly crashes, riding risk assessment, as well as appropriate defensive driving skills. Preview the Motorcycle Safety Course Online

5. Defensive Driving Course: Professional Truck Driver Online

The 4-hour Professional Truck Driver Online Course focuses on the most common causes of truck-related crashes. It provides knowledge of defensive driving techniques that educate drivers about safe and lawful decisions. All the shared information addresses truck-related incidents and driving maneuvers with a high level of learner interactivity. You can preview the Professional Truck Driver Course Online and register for the course here!

6. Coaching the Emergency Vehicle Operator Online

This 4-hour course trains fire apparatus drivers, volunteers, and municipal fire personnel on how to safely scale through traffic in both emergency and non-emergency situations. Preview Emergency Coaching Course Outline and click to buy the course!

7. Alive at 25 Parent Program Online

This is a Parent program that lasts for 2-hours. It helps parents of teenagers realize the risks their children face and the course also offers practical solutions to that ensure their safety. Preview the Parent Program Course Outline.

Lastly, the NSC offers a 4-hour Ambulance Course that teaches emergency vehicle drivers defensive driving techniques and skills to help them maneuver safely through traffic safely in both emergency and non-emergency situations. The Ambulance Course Outline can be previewed here.

For every kind of business, the NSC Safety Council offers an outline that caters to employee orientation, as well as post-incident driver safety training.

>>> While you consider taking any of these courses, you can read more about safe driving tips on Naijauto.com

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