Attention! 5 non-moving road violations you might not even know about


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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Even when you are wearing your seat belts and driving slowly, you could still be flagged down by road safety officers for violating some rules. Check here!

You probably have years of experience at driving without committing any road offence. You are already feeling invisible for never been flagged down before by road enforcement agents. Maybe you didn’t know, there are some road violations you might commit without even stepping on your acceleration pedal. If you are trying to avoid such surprises, you really need to take a look at what we are about to show you here on Naijauto. These violations do not really care whether you are pro or even an amateur driver.

5 non-moving violations in Nigeria most drivers overlook

Nigerian drivers are accustomed to popular violations of basic traffic rules by FRSC such as not wearing seatbelts or even over-speeding among several others. But there are some that you might not even know about that can really put you into trouble.

1. Using of tinted windows

As a big boy, after painting the town red, you decide to park your car to cool off the engine. How would you feel if you are being approached by a gentleman in uniform to present your tinted car permit? If you don’t have, well, you are seriously on your own. To avoid such embarrassment, you need to take a look at FRSC - 6 important vehicle documents drivers must have. Part of those documents is a tinted permit which is very much required if your car is using one.


Tinted window may be classy but without permit, it is a crime in Nigeria

2. Broken headlight

You shouldn’t feel bad if you are being flagged down for having headlight broken. It is even unsafe to be driving a car with a broken headlight especially in the night. Not only are you putting yourself at risk but other motorists using the same road as you. If agents from the road safety agency catch you with broken headlight or taillight, be ready to pay money that you never planned for. Make sure you inspect your headlights daily and other lights in your car to avoid police trouble and other agencies concerned.

How to fix broken headlight. Car, truck or motorbike.

3. Broken or shattered windshield

When you see some cars on Nigerian roads, you just can’t help but open your mouth wide out of shock. Some drivers can be so reckless that they hardly see through their broken windshield. Yet, they still ply the road with windshield that are right off. So, when a road safety agent sees your car with a broken or shattered glass, you should be ready to do some explanations.

4. Expired registration

When you decide to overlook renewal of some registrations in your car, you shouldn’t mind whatever comes your way. Nigerian police relish on cars with expired papers. They will milk you to the bone. That is why some drivers always fidget whenever they approach police checkpoint. Another set of people that can really give you headache in Nigeria are the VIO. Just make sure you renew any necessary documents you need with you in the car. Like we earlier mentioned under the first point, make sure you renew your driver license and if you are using tinted window, make sure you renew the tinted permit to avoid paying fine or unnecessary delay.

>>> You had better verify your car registration here: Vehicle registration in Nigeria – what are the required documents?

5. Broken mirrors and smoke

Another safety mistake you do not want to make is driving your car with no side mirror. It means you are driving without considering those at the back. When you are caught with broken or no side mirror, you are definitely in for a special treats with those road safety agents or even police. Also, you need to put attention to your muffler, when your car makes too much noise or too much air pollution from smoke; it is not strange for you to be waved down. Always put your car in perfect condition before you leave your house.


Broken side mirror can easily put with into trouble with the road safety officers and even your safety

Remember, all these road violations in Nigeria are not attempt to ruin your day, but are rules to safeguard you and other motorists plying the road.

>>> For more safety tips like this, visit regularly!

Oluwaseun Adeniji
Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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