Check your road signs vocabulary! 16 Nigerian road signs that probably leave you clueless!


Posted by: Joshua-Philip Okeafor

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And here you thought you knew your driving! Well, prepare to be schooled as Naijauto brings you Nigerian road signs you may not truly know the meanings of. Click here!

Is it really true that if you want to hide stuff from a Nigerian, you put it in a book? What about on a road sign? Road signs are typically composed of symbols, diagrams and weird shorthand, such as X-ing for instance. Road signs can be nothing short of ancient Greek to the uninitiated, and even drivers who didn’t quite fulfill the mandatory hours at driving school, could catch themselves frowning in incomprehension at the signs.

You need to remember that a road sign is an order, the flouting of which can land you in hot soup.

Road signs are not provided only for drivers but for all road users including pedestrians. Luckily, many road signs in Nigeria have the meanings placed on them clearly. This way you are in no danger of breaking Nigerian traffic regulations.

Enjoy this guide to every road sign:

1. PED Xing - Is it English?

How many are already scratching their heads about this one? Don’t be ashamed, I didn’t get it myself for a while. It is saying “Pedestrian crossing,” which means that zone is safe for pedestrians to cross and drivers must wait. Normally you will see a Zebra crossing right by this sign.


PED Xing road sign causes many drivers' confusion

2. No Entry or Do Not Enter

Simply put you are forbidden from entering that road. It usualy indicates a one-way street, or restricted facilities.


Do not drive in the road with this sign

3. No Stopping, just keep moving!

I must admit this one got me stumped too. It means what it says. You are not allowed to stop at all. Drive straight through when this sign is in front of you.


Some people even stop to ask what this sign means

4. Turn Right On Red

This sign allows you to run a red light so to speak. It means you can turn into the right turn by you, though the red light at the traffic light ahead is on. It doesn’t allow you to go straight on though!


Turn On Red means you can turn right whenever

5. Keep Left & Keep right

You are ordered by these signs to maintain either the left or right half of the road, according to the direction of arrow.


Keep Left


Keep Right

6. Sharp Deviation of Route or “Chevron” Sign

This sign is literally a life saver and warns you to turn either left or right because you are headed straight at an obstruction like a dangerous dead end, road block, etc. The arrows indicate where you can turn safely.


Sharp Deviation of Route or “Chevron” Sign

>>> Want to know groups of road signs and which you need to strictly obey? Check basics here: Road signs in Nigeria - everything you need to know

7. No Waiting

The difference between the “No stopping” sign and this one, is that you can stop, for a few seconds or so. You are not allowed to linger however, and must quickly move on. You may need to drop off someone for instance, and this sign permits that if done very quickly.


No Waiting means you can stop for a few seconds only

8. No Overtaking

The “no overtaking sign” is placed at portions of the road that are just too imprudent for one to overtake, such as a dangerous bend or perhaps a narrow road with gullies on either side. Obey this sign carefully please.


No Overtaking because the road is too dangerous for you to do so

9. Lane Merge Left or Merge Right

This warns you that the road you are on is going to join (merge) and become one with a road by left or by right.


Lane Merge Left


Lane Merge Right

10. Dangerous Turn

A sharp bend is usually preceded by these signs. It might be smart to slow down once you spot this mister.


Dangerous Turn Left

Same deal as the left turn, but bending right this time. Remember it means the turn is sharp and dangerous rightwards.


Dangerous Turn Right

11. Bumps Ahead

Speed bumps are deliberately placed on the road to force motorists to limit their speed t a certain range. This sign warns about such a bump ahead.


Bumps Ahead, slow down and be extra alert

12. Narrow Bridge Ahead

The sign warns about a bridge which is very narrow up ahead.


Narrow Bridge Ahead

13. Pass Either Way

Just like the name suggest, you are permitted to use either alternative route. It is usually place at the beginning of a road that separates into two.


Road separated in two? Never mind, Pass Either Way!

Knowledge of these road signs will help you drive in a more law abiding manner.

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Joshua-Philip Okeafor
Joshua-Philip Okeafor

Joshua-Philip Okeafor

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