Nigeria road safety signs and their meanings: ranges of fine for violation


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Understanding what the traffic road safety signs are trying to tell is a constant concern of Nigerian road users who are fed with news about accidents in their towns almost everyday. By this article, we would like to bring you a comprehensive list of Nigeria road safety signs and their meanings, as well as penalties for disobeying each of them. For safer travelling on Nigerian roads, don't skip out!

1. Road safety signs in Nigeria

As we have categorized and described thoroughly in our recent post about road signs in Nigeria, there are 3 types of traffic signs:

  • Regulatory sign, including prohibitory sign and mandatory direction sign
  • Informative sign
  • Warning sign

Each type has their distinctive purposes as well as designs. While prohibitory signs are often circular and painted in red, informative signs vary in their shapes and colours. On the other hand, warning content is usually noted in yellow triangular signs with red border.

And while informative signs are often seen as nice-to-have travel instructions, road safety signs and their meanings are a topic of interest to Nigerian road users who are fed with news about accidents happening somewhere in their towns almost every day.

arts of road signs

Road signs in Nigeria can be classified into 3 groups

To know exactly how to recognize type and meaning of each road symbol plus important regulations, please refer to our previous posts on safe driving for detailed listing and description. Within the scope of this article, will present ranges of fine and punishment for disobeying road safety sign boards, then demonstrating common road safety symbols with names as a reminder.

2. Ranges of fine when violating regulations and traffic signs in Nigeria

Of course we can hardly include all forms of fine and punishment for every case but we will summarize the most frequently-caught offenses.

This is issued by Nigerian Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) and implemented in 2 primary forms: immediate fine and accumulated penalty points. The point system for driving is applied to reduce the times one may break the rule. Along with severe fine, the minus points also prove their effectiveness in supporting marshals with daily traffic management.

When the total of penalty points in a driver’s record reaches a certain number, it will be translated to more serious punishments like retaining driving license.

Nigerian marshal checking a car driver

For some chronic cases, fine and penalties points aren't enough though

Below are the fine table for common wrongful actions, followed by the interpretation of driving point system:

Fine system for traffic offenses
Offense Fine Penalty points
Traffic light/ sign violation N2,000 2
Wrongful overtaking N3,000 3
Construction area speed limit violation N3,000 3
Unauthorized tampering or removal of road signs N5,000 5
Speed limit violation N5,000 5
Road marking violation N5,000 5
Route violation N10,000 10
Other offenses N3,000 2
Implications of driving penalty points
Total of penalty points Implications
10 – 14 Warning
15 - 20 Driving license suspended
21 or above Driving license withdrawn

3. Pictures of road safety signs in Nigeria

When mentioning traffic safety signs, we tend to associate them with something urgent and dangerous. That’s why we will not include below the informative signs whose purpose is to show directions to common places like rest area, petrol station or even ambulance station. Most of these street signs are straightforward with notes written clearly on them, so don’t worry if you need to interpret some.

Many of our Nigerian street signs are adopted from the standard regulations from Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) in the North America. This is to ensure the uniformity among different countries in the world. Saying this, we mean you must understand and memorize road symbols for your benefits not just in Nigeria but in case you can drive abroad one day.

Let the game begin!

Make sure you hover at the road safety signs images then guess their meaning before reading their captions. Repeat the procedure with this set of road safety signs with names until you can remember all these crucial symbols.

Yield sign in Nigeria

Above is the "Yield" sign, ordering you to give the right-of-way for other vehicles

stop sign

Easy huh? Just a stop sign, commonly seen at intersections

Roundabout road sign

Make sure you know how to negotiate a roundabout

pedestrian crossing road sign

As you see, we have pedestrian crossing ahead

sign of intersection with minor road

This warns you of an intersection with minor road

No U-turn road sign

Prohibitory sign: No U-turn

sign of 4-lane 2-way divided highway

Prepare to enter 4-lane 2-way divided high-way

sign of no entry

No entry for all vehicles

road sign of max speed limit

Now you know your max speed limit is 80 km/h

sign of No parking

This says No Parking, it can be reserved for the bicycle lane

sign of road works

Watch out for road works ahead

no motor vehicles sign

This sign prohibits all kinds of motor vehicles

sign of reduced visibility

You’re entering areas with reduced visibility

sign of crosswinds

We end with this one: Stay alert with crosswinds

Warning Road Signs (Traffic)

4. Final advice

There’s no advice other than learning all these Nigeria road safety signs and their meanings. Not to avoid fine or punishment, but to assure your own safety, you should pay more attention to these street signs next time. Hope the illustration of road safety symbols with names above can assist you somehow in memorizing these important road markings.

Hardly could we count how many tragedies have happened due to the ignorance of warning signs and various other causes of accidents in Nigeria. Please take more notice and protect yourself first before the FRSC marshals are forced to do so.

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