Nigeria Highway Code: Responsibilities of people in a car accident in Nigeria


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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Did you even know that drivers, occupants and volunteers have some set of recommended roles to play when a car accident occurs? See some of them here!

As many already know by now that road safety in Nigeria is one of our biggest concerns here at, this is why we have listed out below some of the basic recommended responsibilities of drivers, occupants and volunteers at a car accident scene.

Everyone knows that road accidents can be avoided at all cost but still it's inevitable completely. But when it does happen, it is a terrible idea to believe that one should just pass by, take photos and leave because it’s a “helpless situation”, No!

Drivers, occupants(passengers), and volunteers or passerby all have a good number of helpful roles to play respectively whenever a road accident occurs in order to salvage the whole situation. Check out some of the ones we have listed below according to the Nigeria Highway Code specifications for people in a car accident;

1. Roles of drivers

  • If you are driving by, try to stop at the crash scene
  • If you are the driver of the affected car, check to see if you are hurt first, then check to see if anyone is hurt
  • If you are not hurt, try your best to leave the crash centre to a safer location and try to help others to leave the scene as well
  • If law enforcement agents ask you questions, try to state the clearest facts
  • Try getting Skidmarks, photographs and any other identification you can
  • Be sure to contact your lawyer and insurer afterwards as soon as you can
  • Be sure to report the crash (accident) to any FRSC office near you or call the FRSC helpline: 07002255-3772

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No one wishes to be involved in a road accident but if it ever happens, please do something to help

2. Roles of the affected vehicle occupants

  • If you realize that you are not badly hurt, try your best to vacate the accident scene if on the highway
  • Give out all the necessary information when asked (this will enable people to help you)
  • If you realize that you are hurt, try to explain as best as you can when First Aid arrives especially if you feel any internal pain
  • Always cooperate with First Aiders that are trying to help you

3. Roles of Volunteers

  • It is best to always stop and help accident victims
  • It is recommended that bystanders should cooperate with First Aiders
  • Try as much as you can so as not to compound the pains of accident victims by expressing horrible saddening emotions
  • You can help clear out obstructions around the area as help arrives
  • Try not to constitute additional obstruction yourself

>>> FRSC has issued the Safe to Load checklist for your safety, see it here! Tick this "Safe to Load" checklist before driving to save life on road - ordered by FRSC!


By supporting in the right way, you can help save lives in road accidents

Help a fellow human next time you pass by an accident scene. We are all humans!

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Oluwaseun Solomon
Oluwaseun Solomon

Oluwaseun Solomon

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