Nigeria drivers license renewal – step by step guidelines

The post will guide you through a time-saving Nigeria drivers license renewal process within 30 minutes. Check below for detailed instructions!

When can you renew drivers license online?

If you used to apply for Nigeria drivers license renewal at FRSC offices years ago, you would understand the pain. Time-consuming procedures, totally exhausted body and mind, excessive cost and countless added fees that came from nowhere you can perceive.

Fortunately, gone are the days we have to put up with all of these because you can now renew drivers license online and only need to visit the office to submit the documents.

See how Nigerians once suffer from license-related nightmares!

Should you want to do vehicle licence renewal in Lagos, you can refer to MVAA website. Otherwise, please follow the FRSC procedure on their official web which will be elaborated by later on.

However, before reading how to renew drivers license in Nigeria, make sure you meet these criteria to do Nigeria drivers license renewal online.

  • You have access to a computer with Internet connection
  • The computer is connected to a printer or photocopier
  • You have bank cards to make online payment
  • Your drivers license will expire within 30 days

The first two are easy to handle as you can go to a photocopy shop or a business center which can offer Internet-accessed computer and printer.

Initial steps for drivers licence renewal in Nigeria

The process of drivers licence renewal in Nigeria starts now!

  1. Go to Federal Road Safety Corps’ website, License Renewal tab at:
  2. Fill in your license number and date of birth
  3. Click on Search. If your license is still valid for more than 30 days, you can’t proceed to driving licence renewal form.
  4. Pick your choice for Nigerian drivers license renewal: new license valid in 3 years or 5 years.

The cost of renewing drivers license in Nigeria includes fees for these two options and some extra charges. 3-year license costs N6,350 while the 5-year one goes for N10,450.

The official FRSC website for drivers license

The FRSC website to renew drivers license

  1. Scroll down and carefully check your biodata. You can update or correct the information if necessary.
  2. Select your Processing Office where you will submit documents and pick up your renewed license.
  3. Choose to re-do your biometric capture at the office or not.
  4. Click Submit when finish.
  5. Check the preview page in details to make sure everything’s correct.
  6. Do the payment online with Interswitch, Visa or MasterCard. After your payment is confirmed, the Driver’s License Application Acknowledgement Slip will be displayed.
  7. Copy the Application ID and print out the slip (two copies are recommended)
  8. Return to the navigation menu of the web, choose Track DL Application status.
  9. Paste the Application ID and your date of birth. Print out another two copies of Payment Confirmation Slip.

a man doing online payment

Remember to prepare your card for online payment!

Finish the FRSC drivers licence renewal at the office

After completing all the steps online, you must visit your chosen Processing office to finish the renewal of driving license in Nigeria. Bring with you:

  • Copies of Driver’s License Application Acknowledgement Slip
  • Copies of Payment Confirmation Slip
  • Copy of your current drivers license along with the original one.
  • At least 2 passport photos.

Now, come in the office and get everything done!

  1. Present all required documents to FRSC officer
  2. Have your acknowledgement slip validated at MVAA section (Motor Vehicle Administration Agency)
  3. Take a short written test (10 simple questions related to traffic rules and regulations) at the VIS (Vehicle Inspection Service). Pay N2,200 and get the receipt for this test.
  4. If you don’t choose to recapture your biometric data, then you’re done. In case you selected it when applying online, you might need 10 more minutes to recapture it in the office.

That’s all the steps and drivers licence renewal requirements at FRSC offices. They will notify you when you can come to pick up the renewed license. The normal time is about 3 months.

eye test in Nigeria

The recapture of your biometric data can take more time and charges

In the waiting time, you can do either of this to avoid troubles with the traffic police.

  • Bring your acknowledgement slip (if you don’t recapture biometric data)
  • Bring your temporary license card (given after you recapture biometric data)

So, how long can you go without renewing your driver's license? You might ask.

Actually, there haven’t been any updates on fines if you carry an expired driving license. However, the law says that all drivers must conduct the renewal of driving licence after expiry or you will have to apply for the driving license all over again.


Above is the comprehensive list of steps you must go through for Nigeria drivers license renewal with drivers license renewal cost for specific stages. Prepare everything carefully and you can get it done less than 30 minutes, both online and in the FRSC office.

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