Never use the cruise control in the rain. You are seriously risking your safety


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It is strongly advisable to keep the cruise control off during the rain and on slippery terrains.

While many drivers would agree that cruise control is handy for drivers, dangers lurk if you use it in the rain. You might seriously risk your road safety.

Cars in rain

Cruise control is handy for drivers but there are also dangers lurking in the rain

Here’s why:

Cruise control senses the vehicle’s speed and opens the throttle a little bit as the vehicle slows down to get the car to the speed at which it is set.

Video: Dangers of Using Cruise Control in the Rain

And here’s what is likely to happen in the rain:

Imagine you’re going down the road with the cruise being set at 70. As you suddenly hit a puddle, you slow down with your tyres having no traction. Correspondingly, the cruise tries to pick up the speed and floors the accelerator. The result is your car spins and you lose control.

cars in rain

Puddles mean no worries if you drive your car without the cruise on

Puddles mean no worries if you drive your car with the cruise off. That's why you are strongly advised to keeping your cruise control off during the rain. If the cruise control runs away, disengage it buy quickly tap on the brake and you'll be fine. 

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