You should avoid listening to these 5 types of music while driving


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Listening to music in the car is something that makes driving less stressful. Read on to see types of music to avoid while driving.

Cars without a functioning speaker/multimedia system can be very boring on road trips. Sometimes, you are just driving and a song comes up on the radio that makes you so happy. At other times, you just want silence in your car so you can reflect on some matters.

There are various things you can listen to from your car's multimedia system, and today, cars have an easier way of connecting to your mobile devices via Bluetooth, wi-fi, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and others. There so many top cars with mind-blowing infotainment systems you wouldn't believe exist. This means you can easily play that music, soundtrack, voice recording, podcast, audiobook, and even videos directly from the internet and also from your mobile devices.


Apple CarPlay is now available on many cars

However, there are different types of songs to avoid while driving, because they increase your chances of having an accident because of the type of driver behavior they promote.

1. High volume Nigerian street Jamz

This is a big umbrella of songs that have strong melodious rhythm in Nigeria from popular artistes like Naira Marley, Lil Kesh, Small Doctor, Zlatan-Ibile, Davido, and the rest. A real-life example was when I bashed a Toyota Coaster bus on a wall because I was trying to do a 'Small Doctor Penalty song' dance while reversing.


Music can't make this man hear what anyone is saying to him 

Most of these songs have a particular dance attached to them; our minds will always be tempted to dance to the songs while driving. So, it's best to listen to the songs at low volumes.

2. Trap songs

Trap music is a sub-genre of hip hop music that has a lot of strong beats and adlib in it. These ad-libs would surely distract you because you would be looking forward to screaming it out loud. If you are listening to it at a loud volume. Examples of this ad-libs are; yeah! Skrrrrr skrrrr!, we lit!.

Music from artistes like Travis Scott, Future, Migos, Roddyricch, and Lil baby is called trap music.

Sometimes, loud music from a car distracts other road users as you can see in this prank video below :

Loud music car prank on road users

3. Sad and Slow songs 

These songs can make you feel sleepy if they kick into your emotions while you are behind the steering. As you know, sleeping while driving leads to an immediate car crash. You should always avoid slow/sad songs totally when you are moody and driving. Imagine someone going through a relationship heartbreak, listening to Adele's slow music while driving. Is that a recipe for disaster or what? 

Listen to this kind of music in the comfort of your home, preferably with your favorite beverage or drink in hand. Perfect, right?

4. Hardrock and Rap music

Rock music is a very violent type of music that inspires you to just be rebellious. If you listen to Hardrock music at high volumes while driving, there is a high probability you would be banging your hand on the steering wheel and shaking your head to the music. This distracts you a lot from the road. 


These rappers are heavily distracted 

Some hardcore rap songs also have this effect on you as you listen. You can listen to these songs but just don't take the volume up there so that it doesn't overwhelm you. Also, chances are that the very nature of hard rap songs makes you play them very loud. Thus you may not be able to hear important aural information around you.

5. Spiritual music

Lastly, you must always avoid songs that make you meditate or enter a trance. Spiritual songs do this to you if you align your thoughts with them as you listen. A driver that is meditating is only risking the chance of getting involved in a car accident. You can't close your eyes and drive, it is impossible. Of course, there are other types of spiritual or uplifting songs that may not have the same effect, for instance, spiritual music with a faster tempo.

When does high volume music in a car help?

High volume music, however, can help drivers that are feeling sleepy already to stay awake because of the distraction and noise it brings. It won't allow your mind condition itself to decorum, so you stay awake. 

One thing I do when I feel sleepy is that I set my radio frequency to a station that doesn't exist at a high volume. That noisy sound of an empty radio station wakes my mind up till I am fit enough to control myself. When this doesn't work, I just park and take a nap for a few minutes because it's better to be late than be the late.

Final notes 

There's no doubt that listening to music when driving has become a traditional or normal part of the whole car driving experience. Since you may not be able to totally avoid listening to music, the next best thing is to carefully choose both the type of music you permit and the volume you play it at. A fine balance is necessary to provide adequate entertainment without distraction.

If you have learned how to use cruise control, it's a good feature that helps you have good music listening time or experience in your car while driving. However, you should do so at low speeds. Remember, cruise control is not a substitute to good old paying attention to the road.


Always select the right music and volume to stay focused

Your mood should never be affected negatively by the type of song you choose to listen to in your car while driving. Always keep your car's speaker-level around the mid-range to avoid heavy distractions that lead to accidents while driving.

Disclaimer: With all due respect, we at Naijauto do not have any issues with the songs or artistes listed. We simply want to ensure your safety on the road. Therefore, feel free to listen to these songs when you're at home, the club, or at a choice destination.

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