7 easy ways to get rid of motion sickness in a car!


Posted by: Joshua-Philip Okeafor

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Have you ever wished you never set for inside a car because you are having such horrible motion or car sickness? There are simple ways to deal.

It is the dream of many people to travel around the country or the world, but one thing preventing them from achieving this dream is motion sickness. Motion sickness is the sudden queasiness or nausea that some travellers experience when they are travelling either by road, rail, road or sea. It can cause vomiting, dizziness, sweating, salivation, headaches, sleepiness, pale skin, increase in salivation and/or shallow breathing. In cars, motion or car sickness is caused mostly by the smell of a petrol or engine oil.

This sickness is common in Individuals without an effective vestibular system (balance, from the ear). For instance, when a person is in a car, and not looking outside the window, their inner ear feels an up and down or a left and right movement, yet their eye sees a different, more stable view. The difference in information between what the eyes and the ears are sending to the central nervous system in the brain is the cause of motion sickness.

For some people, this motion sickness is highly triggered when the car enters into a pothole or goes over a bump with force causing a bounce. However, do not fret, Naijauto.com brings you these ready and simple remedies for preventing or taking care of this motion sickness or its symptoms when you have them.

1. Chewing gum

Chewing gum can help control the feeling of motion sickness. You can choose your preferred flavor and have it ready for your journey. However it's best to get mint flavor because mint has a way of calming the body system. If you don't want to chew some gum, you can try a sweet, preferably one with mint flavor. This can help resolve the conflict between the eyes and the ears that happens to be causing the motion sickness.


Chewing gum, especially mint flavored gum, helps with car sickness

2) Look outside the window

Since part of what triggers this sickness is when your eyes have a static view but your ears are receiving motion stimulus, looking out the window sometimes during the ride can help calm this feeling. You don't have to look at the moving trees because it can cause dizziness, making the situation worst. You should focus your eyes around your present environment but not on trees.

3) Try to shut your eyes

If you don't want to look out the window, you can simply shut your eyes and take a little nap. You shouldn't play a game, read or be on your phone as these things can increase the symptoms you are having. But remember, if you are the one driving, you should always keep yours wide eyes open, or not drive at all with motion sickness.

4) Let in some air

Cool, good fresh air is quite a refreshing remedy for many nausea situations. Let the breeze in. Open the car or train window and let the air blow into your face. This fresh air can give instant relief to your body system and reduce the urge to vomit. It can also reduce the smell of petrol or oil that gives a nauseous feeling.

6) Avoid heavy food intake

If you are prone to having motion sickness whenever you are in the car or train, do not take any heavy food prior to your journey. Eating heavy food can give you an uncomfortable feeling and when symptoms of the motion sickness begin, there is a possibility of having a feeling of indigestion.


Avoid a heavy meal before journeys if you habitually feel nausea in cars

Do not also take spicy food, caffeine or alcohol as these can also be a catalyst. Instead eat little or drink some water. Also, eating ginger or taking a ginger drink may also help the situation. Food and snacks made with ginger can also be of help. Children and pregnant women should consult their doctor before taking this.

7) Use over the counter medication

Are you aware that there are medications which can manage car sickness? Drugs like scopolamine, Dimenhydrinate, Meclizine and other related drugs can do this. It is best you consult your doctor or pharmacist about it before buying and taking the recommended dosage. It you are driving, please be wary of taking some of these drugs as some of them might cause drowsiness which is not suitable for drivers. Also pregnant women and kids as well should consult the doctor before taking any of these drugs.


Pregnant women and children need a doctor's advice even for over the counter car sickness pills

Hope these tips make you have a pleasurable, motion sickness free journey!

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Joshua-Philip Okeafor
Joshua-Philip Okeafor

Joshua-Philip Okeafor

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