10 most flooded areas on Lagos Island drivers should avoid in rainy season


Posted by: Oluwatobi Ogunrinde

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These locations are the worst places you can find yourself on Lagos Island during the rainy season when the water just get logged, causing flood. If you have any plan to travel to Lagos, make sure to avoid these 10 most flooded areas on Lagos Island during the rainy season.

Lagos is a very busy city and at the same time, a clumsy one. Calling Lagos an overcrowded city can never be an understatement, it’s probably why the drainage systems always burst out of proportion when the downpour is on the high side.  

Although Lagos Island seems to be for the “Prim and Proper” (not all areas), it still has a huge drainage problem, just like every other part of Lagos.

Among other areas, Lekki, which spans from Lekki Phase 1 all the way to Sangotedo, is usually more affected by the rain. Some people temporarily move out of their homes during the rainy season and the traffic spans out of proportion. If not careful, you can spend 6 good hours just driving towards the Lagos mainland, a trip which naturally takes less than 30 minutes (without traffic).

Just in case you don’t know the places to avoid cruising in Lagos when it rains, Naijauto listed here 10 most flooded areas to avoid driving to on Lagos Island during the rainy season.

1. Elegushi

Elegushi is just by the sea and it’s slightly above sea level, so you really shouldn’t be surprised when it gets overly flooded.


This is a typical example of what Lekki looks like when the downpour is intense

2. Sangotedo

Sangotedo is one hell of a place during the rainy season. SUVs sink, smaller cars get stuck and you have to wear a rain boot just to move around. During the rainy season, Uber or Taxify drivers can’t enter most areas because it’s ridiculously flooded. The land is close to the sea and the sand sometimes acts like “Quicksand”, it takes a little skill to ride a bike in this area when it’s not even raining.

3. Chevy View

Chevy View Estate, sometimes called Chevron Estate, has a number of shallow, clogged and deficient drainage channels. Although inter-locked, the land in Chevy View is generally sloppy and has a likelihood of experiencing a flood during a heavy downpour.


Though being one of the places considered affluent, Lekki has been facing the crisis of flood

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4. Ikota

Some houses at Ikota are very close to a canal, which gets overwhelmed during an average downpour. It gets terribly worse when the downpour is heavy. A few parts of Ikota are naturally sloppy and always in wet condition, you can almost always find stagnant water around.

5. Westend Estate

Westend Estate is located within Ikota Villa and shares the same drainage problem with Ikota.

6. Agungi

The Agungi area of Lekki axis is home to quite a number of people and offices as well. Most of these builders don’t consider constructing drainage channels that actually function. They pay huge amounts to acquire the property and are only keen on making profits. Agungi is usually flooded and the little number of available drainage channels are poorly managed.


The estates get flooded as well, movement is completely restricted

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7. Ocean Bay

Lagos Island is filled with several beautiful estates and Ocean Bay is one of them. Actually, the estate is one of the best within the vicinity but rain is no respecter of beauty, especially when some sections of the estate land are waterlogged and the drainage channels don’t flow properly.

8. Osapa

The Osapa axis, sometimes called Osapa London, has always been known for flooding. The situation gets heightened during every rainy season.

9. Buena Vista

Another serene estate in the area with standard drainage channels, but it is situated close to the river and naturally has low land.


Lekki residents have been accustomed to this scene during the rainy season

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10. Ajah

The Ajah area is no place to visit during the rainy season. Once the rain lasts for long, Ajah and Badore axis become super clumsy with traffic and pedestrians have to “swim” home. The area is close to the river, hence has a naturally low land. Unfortunately, the drainage system in the area is nothing above proper.

Although the Osbourne axis of Ikoyi is the usual entrance into the heart of Lagos Island, the major road gets flooded as well. This leads to traffic sometimes but might not be as terrible as the Lekki traffic. If you can avoid it, please do but if you can’t, at least allow your SUV serve you that day.

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Be safe!

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Oluwatobi Ogunrinde
Oluwatobi Ogunrinde

Oluwatobi Ogunrinde

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