7 most common mistakes by Okada riders in Nigeria


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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Taking a bike has become a norm in most cities to avoid traffic and get to destination quicker. Read here on the common mistakes commonly made by these Okada riders!

Except you have your own car, you may need to board a public transport to your destination. Taking a bike has become a norm to get to your destination faster. You will be surprised that many car owners in Nigeria also take bike to avoid traffic. More so, there are some remote areas that you might not be able to access with your car. So, bike becomes your only option and alternatively your savior.

Taking bike sometimes can be very risky especially considering the nature of people who use it for business. Naijauto has therefore identified 7 most common mistakes by Okada riders in Nigeria.

1. Overloading

One funny thing that is common with bike riders in Nigeria is going against the ideal weight slated by the manufacturer on the bike. Ideally a bike should only convey the rider and a passenger to any destination. You will be shocked when you see two to three adults behind the rider.

When you ask an okada rider if he could use his bike to carry a load you even doubt yourself, you will be surprised that he will willingly accept to carry such heavy load. These can easily make them lose control and put your safety to question.


Most bike riders in Nigeria are guilty of carrying excess passengers on their bikes

2. Lack of helmet

There have been lots of safety sensitization campaigns for these bike riders on the importance of having helmet for themselves and their passengers. Many of them still ride these bikes without any form of protection. That is why bike accidents in Nigeria have always been disastrous and could inflict serious injury on the riders and the passengers.

3. Disobeying traffic law

Since they know people take hem sometimes to beat the traffic, this gets in to their head and put your life to a serious risk by disobeying traffic signs and law. They do not mind getting into any available space so as to escape the traffic. In so doing, the riders may use tiny space between heavy trucks that could cost them their lives.

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4. Overtaking by the right side of the vehicle

As a car owner or driver in most cities in Nigeria, okada riders will give you lots of headache as a result of their prevalent overtaking of any vehicle they get close to. It is beyond normal as a rider to overtake a car by its blind side.


Before you take any bike to your destination, shine your eyes!

5. Over-speeding

Over-speeding is one the most common mistake of okada riders in Nigeria. Since most bike riders are people of young age, they engage in all kinds of exuberances by putting their bike speed power to test. That is why we always advice against taking bike on the highway except it is absolutely unavoidable.

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Amazing bike display by Okada riders in Nigeria

6. Absence of night reflective

When you use the reflective as a motorcyclist at night, you are informing other motorist of your presence and possibly location on the road. Many of these riders are guilty of this. Over confidence can make some riders to overlook safety protocol while riding. As a passenger attempting to take a bike in the night, if you notice he doesn’t have such on his bike, do not take it.

7. Absence of proper lighting system

It is shocking that many okada riders do not have a functional lighting system and they still ply the busy street at night. Sometimes, they even move at top speed without having any form of light on the bike. As a result of this, they put the lives of the pedestrians at risk, and other motorist who is unaware of their presence.

One thing is worth mentioning is that more than 70% accident cases at the several hospitals in the country are accidents from bike.

So next time you go on road and intend to take a bike, remember these 7 mistakes by Okada riders in Nigeria. Always think of your safety please!

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Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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