Top 5 annoying mistakes by careless drivers in Nigeria


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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No one is above mistake but there are some mistakes that can be noted and avoided beforehand, but many seem to totally ignore them. Here is our list of top 5 mistakes of such, see them here! is not only dedicated to serving you guys the best car listings in Nigeria but also determined to deliver the best safe driving tips and advice to contribute to the dream of a nation filled with well-informed and cautious drivers.

Many people are unaware that driving isn’t always as easy as it seems sometimes. Especially considering our typical current Nigerian environment where there are no enforced traffic rules and some drivers just hop into any car they find and drive recklessly on the street violating many if not all of the proper traffic rules daily.

Concentration is very critical when driving and can never be overemphasized enough. This means that anyone driving is normally expected to neglect anything that could possibly distract or divide one’s attention at that moment. Some highly distracting things that are common in our environment include;

  • Serious (heated) arguments with passengers
  • Being carried away by a female pedestrian's curve (some male drivers do this a lot)
  • Blaring extremely loud music in the car (such that you can hardly hear other cars horning)
  • Typing text messages or replying chat messages on a mobile phone while driving


Driving distractions are an alarming issue worldwide, especially in Nigeria

All of the above can hardly be occurring without a driver’s attention being divided which is very bad when driving and should all be avoided as much as possible.

We all know that the appropriate law enforcement agencies that are supposed to help implement and enforce these laws are all busy doing nothing or hooked up with extorting money from people unlawfully. This is more reason why we believe your safety while driving is left to you.

Below we will have listed and shortly discussed our top 5 annoying mistakes that should be carefully avoided when driving especially in Nigeria;

1. Opening a car door without looking around to check for coming vehicles

This is a very common mistake that we have seen many people made, which might result in quarrels or fighting sometimes.

Whether you are the driver or a passenger, you are supposedly first look around and see if there isn’t any other vehicle coming towards the side where the door you are about to open is located.


Opening car door without attention can cause harm to surrounding people

Also, you should check to see if there isn’t any bicycle, motorbike, or pedestrian passing by that side of the car at that moment else you will just fling the door open and cause an accident for such people and sometimes even yourself.

2. Using the turn signal light wrongly

Apart from the common trend of most Nigerian drivers having non-functional turn signal lights, it is also common to see many people use it the completely wrong way.

It is very wrong to put on the turn signal light just at the very spot where you are making the turn, it can easily confuse a speeding car behind you and cause them to hit the brakes suddenly thereby causing collisions.


Actuate your turn signal lights at least 50 to 100 meters before getting to where you will make the turn

Rather you should put on the proper left/right turn signal at least 50 to 100 meters before you get to the actual spot where you wish to make the turn. This early signalling will really help other vehicles behind you understand and be aware that they should slow down for you as you will be making a turn just ahead.

If you have a bad/faulty turn signal light, go get it changed or repaired soon and be a good citizen.

3. Cutting-in abruptly after overtaking a car

Overtaking is very common on Nigerian roads especially on the highway and it’s not totally a bad thing to do. But it does get really annoying when done wrong.

When overtaking, you should very calculative enough to be sure that you are doing it at the best time. What this means is that; you should check the cars coming at the opposite direction first, then by sight, calculate if the distance between your car and the one coming in the opposite direction is good enough to accommodate your entire overtaking process.


Give some distance of space first after overtaking a car before cutting-in back to your lane

And if your car is in a bad condition that it doesn’t really go that fast in acceleration, please don’t even try overtaking unnecessarily.

Also, it is very wrong to abruptly swap back to your lane after overtaking a car without even giving a few distances first. If the swapping is too abrupt and the car you overtake is already too close then, a possible collision can never be avoided unless the other driver is just smart enough to slow down for you.

>>> Overtaking is a cause of road accidents in Nigeria. Other factors can be found here: Causes of road accident in Nigeria - shocking statistics and most tragic cases

4. Driving with side mirrors absent

The third eye for any driver is supposed to be the side mirrors. Side mirrors are helpful in seeing the entire environment of the car you are driving thereby being able to make sensible decisions while driving.


Side mirrors are very important for seeing the surroundings of the car as you are driving

They give a wider view from both the left and right side of the car and should not be ignored when missing from a car.

5. Not using your seat belt when driving

Many Nigerians still fail to accept how important the seatbelt is when it comes to driver’s safety.


Seat belts save a driver from serious injuries during a car crash or collision

Get your seat belt repaired if it's faulty or spoilt. The car manufacturers aren’t stupid for calling it a safety feature.

To cut it short, don’t just read these tips. Start applying them all from today. Let’s make Nigeria a safe place to drive in!

>>> You should check here more often for safe driving tips and useful car maintenance tips and advice.

Oluwaseun Solomon
Oluwaseun Solomon

Oluwaseun Solomon

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