Manual cars will soon disappears. Here's why!

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Most manual cars that are still manufactured in 2019 are mostly flagship performance models of brands. The fate of manual cars is unavoidable. See why!

A lot of manual car lovers talk about how automatic transmission is for weak drivers and not fun at all. But you need to see their faces when they are held up in a one hour traffic behind their precious manual wheels… Funny thing is most of them don’t even drive manual cars, they are just “AUDIO MANUAL LOVERS”. Do you believe that manual cars will soon disappear? Read on to see why!

1. The undeniable ease of changing gears

Let us not forget the reason why the automatic transmission came into this world as an innovation to the traditional manual was because automotive manufacturers wanted to ease drivers of the stress of changing gears manually with the clutch system. Even though a lot of people were not complaining because there was no better way, let's face it, the manual clutch was very straining.


More stress on handling behind the wheel if you drive a manual transmission car

Now, ask yourself:  “What is the point of driving with two legs when you can drive with just one?”. Why should you be driving on a regular trip and be shifting one stick between 5 positions every now and then???

It’s true that manual transmission cars shift fasters but then, the 2 seconds difference between manual and automatic transmission shifting speed won’t count except you are in a competitive race.

I feel like all the people advocating for traditional manual cars fading away are just people that don’t like to accept change early until they are forced to.

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I used the term “traditional manual” because the concept of manual shifting is still very much present in modern cars today through different forms and it’s present on full automatic transmissions as well. We have paddle gear shifters, we have sports mode, we have direct shift gears also known as manumatic and some really uncommon ones still in development.

The fundamental difference between a manual transmission and the automatic is the fact that you get to command the shifting on the former while the latter shifts on its own. In the view of most traditional manual lovers, however, the difference is considered to lie between the clutch engagement and stick shifting.


The use of manual cars are disappearing as seeing the dominance of automotive vehicles

On a 2014 Acura TSX I reviewed, you would find a mode on the gear that says ‘M’ and once you shift into it, you get to drive in a range of gears from 1-6 manually using ‘+’ & ‘-‘ signs using the paddle gears on the steering without engaging any clutch with your resting leg which even feels way better than shifting one dirty stick.

On a 2009 Toyota Camry, you would find an ‘S’ mode which means sports mode on the gear and you also get to shift from 1 to 5 without the clutch that even smells like burning tire whenever you mishandle it. Did you even know that a clutch is a combination of a leather material on a circular ring of metal? Hehe, you are welcome.

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2. Is manual transmission any good? Let's weigh it up against the automatic! 

Don’t let me be a bad person, I would highlight the benefits of a manual transmission over the auto as follows.

  • You get to control the car’s speed deliberately like you can’t be in gear 2 and hit 100mph by mistakenly pressing the gas pedal. It gives you total control.
  • If you get robbed on the highway, the robber won’t be able to drive your car because he doesn’t think any normal person would be driving a manual in the year 2020.


Automatic or manual?

Now, let me glorify the automatic transmission just a little bit.

  • You get to just start the car, put it in a gear and you have no need to worry about anything until you get to the destination that you put it in the park.
  • You don’t have to worry that the car is in gear before you start it up and it jumps to the front like manual, in auto the car won’t start at all except it is in PARK or NEUTRAL.

Do manual drivers tell you how scared they are whenever they are on a sloping road and they want to go up? If there is any form of traffic on that slope they actually just start sweating. It’s only manual cars that go off on the road and the owner still says “it’s normal, the car just stalled” please please please stalling is not a normal thing sir/ma. It is very abnormal and avoidable so just buy an automatic car today.

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3. The unavoidable fate of manual cars

What am I even saying? The thing is fading away with automobile manufacturers because the sales on them are dropping. More people are realizing that the roads are getting busier and nobody really wants to be stressed from just driving when there are better things that can be worth the stress. In fact, the only people that should drive manual cars are people that get paid for driving, because it is the only way we know that they are actually doing work.

As of 2019, major car manufacturers were still producing manual cars like Mazda, Porsche, Ford, Chevrolet, Fiat, Honda, Volkswagen, BMW, and Dodge, but it was majorly for their flagship performance car. Most of their owners don’t even drive these cars daily because of one reason which is? STRESS of course.

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Video: Pros vs Cons Driving A Manual-Vlog Episode 1

Wow, I really can’t believe that the only reason for a manual transmission car in 2020 would be just that I really want it. No competitive advantage over the automatic transmission anymore like in the early 2000s when automatic was more expensive to produce and maintain.

I know most of you reading this drive an automatic transmission car and do not plan to buy the manual except it is an automatic transmission with sports/manual mode in the form of shift paddles or something. I am happy for you because I can assure you that you are on the winning side of the driving game.

>>> For automatic drivers:

Those of you always getting emotional about the issue of manual fading away actually have bigger problems to get emotional. For instance, I would highlight all the forms of automatic gear shifters in existence today and it would blow your mind because some are just weird, funny, sad and uninteresting. Imagine a car driving automatically with just a voice command, annoying right?

4. Conclusion


The above are all my points of the disappearing of the manual car driving in the future. If you think otherwise, let us know by sending emails to If you like this post, read more in our car Tips & Advice on!

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