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If you are wondering if you could take a road trip from Lagos to Accra with a personal vehicle, yes, it is possible. However, do arm yourself with the right information before embarking on the journey. See our tips below!

Traveling from Lagos to Accra by road with a personal vehicle can be both rewarding and exciting. It gives you ample time to see the terrain while also enjoying the fresh air that comes with it.

Most holidays begin with traveling and people tend to remember the traveling experience than the other aspects of the holiday. So also you are likely not to easily forget your journey from Lagos to Accra especially if it turns out to be an interesting one. For that reason, is bringing you this article for a smooth and interesting trip from Lagos to Accra by road with a private vehicle.

1. From Lagos to Accra (Ghana) by road take how many hours?

The trip from Lagos to Accra by road roughly takes 9 hours+ to cover a distance of about 461 km.


The journey from Lagos to Ghana takes approximately 9 hours and is a distance of about 461km

To get to Ghana, you will have to pass through countries like Benin republic and Togo before getting to Ghana. Hence you will be crossing three borders:

  • Lagos – Cotonou Border (Seme border)
  • Cotonou – Togo Border (Hilla condji border)
  • Togo – Ghana Border ( Aflao border)

2. Why choose Accra for Lagos to Ghana trip?

The capital town of Republic of Ghana, Accra, is arguably one of the best African destinations for tourists from all around the world. This town offers an ideal atmosphere for relaxation while also maintaining the active nature of a metropolitan West African city.


While Accra Ghana could be a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, it is also a bustling metropolitan city

Accra attracts tourists for interestingly different reasons. For you, however, there are a few reasons you might want to travel by road from Lagos to Accra with a personal vehicle. Accra is ideal for a family vacation or a couples’ getaway for those on a budget. It offers stunning beaches, historic monuments, and hospitable relationships. Accra is additionally home to volumes of Ghana’s art and culture. You definitely will return from your journey with more souvenirs than you could ever have imagined. The point is, Accra promises not to disappoint.

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3. Basic requirements for Lagos to Accra road journey

You can equally get to Accra from Lagos by road by boarding a commercial transport vehicle. However, traveling to Accra with your personal vehicle could be really rewarding and at the same time very challenging if you are not equipped with the right information before embarking on the journey.

In any case, brings you some helpful guidance on the basic things you would need for the journey from Lagos to Accra with a private vehicle.

3.1. A sound vehicle

A sound vehicle is the foremost thing you need before you can attempt to travel the 9 hours plus journey from Lagos Nigeria to Accra, Ghana.

If your vehicle is not properly inspected and serviced before embarking on this journey, there is a tendency that your car could develop a fault way into the journey. Especially for a first-timer on the journey, the experience could be very devastating as you would be kilometres away from your trusted mechanic and probably be at a loss of what best to do.

3.2. Ready your travel documents

 Your yellow card and international or ECOWAS passport are important traveling documents needed for this journey.

Yellow (fever) cards or certificates are intended to serve as a solid proof to indicate that you have received vaccination against yellow fever.

Nigerian-passport-and yellow-card

You need your ECOWAS passport and yellow fever card for a smooth journey in and out of Ghana

The vaccines are administered in order to prevent an outbreak and to protect travelers that may have dealings in areas where the disease are prevalent. A valid international passport is needed but you can go with your national identity card or a permanent voter’s card. Reason being that a citizen of ECOWAS member states does not require a visa to travel through the ECOWAS region.

3.3. Get your vehicle documents

In addition to the documents you use for daily driving in Nigeria like the national driving license, certificate of roadworthiness, vehicle registration and motor vehicle insurance, you would need an international driver’s license, ECOWAS vehicle license (not for use in issuing country and valid for a year), ECOWAS third-party vehicle insurance (aka Brown Card valid for 3 months) laissez-passer (this is the travel document that allows you to drive through Benin and Togo, given at the borders) and undertaken (issued at the Aflao border where you declare your reason for visiting and your period of stay).

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3.4. Monetary requirements

One of the monetary obligations you should expect to fulfill on your journey from Lagos to Accra by road with a private vehicle, Ghana is payment of toll fees from Benin down to Ghana.

You should also expect to be stopped by the police from time to time on account of your foreign license plates. Have your documents handy and give it to them once asked.


You also need a sizable amount of money with you on your trip from Lagos to Ghana

It is advisable that you have at least 20,000 nairas if you don't have your ECOWAS driving license and third party vehicle insurance. And it's preferable you have the USSD equivalent of the above sum for easier conversion against different currencies.

4. What if you need convenience during the journey?

It’s advisable to you pack some snacks for your journey. You can also plan to make a couple of stops to buy some food and also fuel up.

The favourite stop for most travelers’ is at the Lagos-Cotonou (Benin Republic) border called Seme. The border city of Seme is a fairly developed settlement, with a market which services and attends to travelers’ needs. This place is also a good stop to buy some souvenirs for your journey. The next major stop is that at the Aflao border that separates Togo from Ghana. This stop is clearly at the tail finish of the journey.


You can buy really cool and cheap souvenirs at the Aflao border that separates Ghana and Togo

At each border town, food is affordable and large arrays of foodstuff are also available. Additionally, you can change your currency at the border as you please.

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5. Conclusion

Acquire a good knowledge of journey management before the journey. Also, familiarize yourself with Google maps before embarking on the journey. Know the major towns you are to drive through ahead of time.

Finally, take enough breaks and try as much as possible to avoid driving at night. Remember that Aflao border to Accra takes another four hours. If you get there late, you must already have plans to spend the night at a guest house in the border town.

Lastly, take more money than you think you need which will come in handy to cover unforeseen expenses which you might encounter in the cause of driving from Lagos to Accra by road with a personal vehicle.

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