Simple but effective steps to help keep your luggage safe when traveling with public transportation in Nigeria


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This article will highlight some essential tips on how best to keep your luggage safe when travelling especially when doing so with the public transport system. Read more here!

So many persons really enjoy travelling; in fact, some consider travelling as a personal hobby. But while some do travelling for fun, others have to do it out of necessity for business or other reasons. However, no matter the category you fall into, all face a common concern of how to keep your luggage safe including your personal effects especially when you have to make use of the public transport system in the country.

So what are the inherent luggage risks that travellers have a manage when using public transport? 

Luggage Risk Travellers Contend with

Missing Luggage

This is by every standard one of the most common issues travellers usually face when it comes to their luggage. They most often have their luggage missing within the terminal or when they arrive at their destination. 

Most of the times, missing luggage are usually down to the carelessness of the owners of such luggage or as a result of a mistake by porters that assist travellers with their loads.

Outright Theft of Luggage

Luggage theft is a very real issue in this part of the world. Most times people have their luggage stolen even before they depart from the terminals or bus parks. You must know that rogues and thieves see the bus parks and transport service terminals as a perfect location to steal from unsuspecting travellers. They realize that most travellers are sometimes too carefree and even careless with their luggage and would craftily steal these stuff.

Luggage Tampering 

Another very obvious concern for travellers is the risk of thieves and rogues tampering with our luggage just to be able to lay hands on our valuables and the personal effects we have within those bags. So rather than go for the kill by completely making away with our bags, they would rather tamper with the locks of your luggage or even cut into them so that can steal your stuff without necessarily have to carry the whole bag or suitcase.

So these are the three major risks travellers generally have to contend with when embarking on trips using the public transport system. The following section will offer practical tips on how best to go about mitigating the risk factors highlighted above and we are certain it will go a long way in helping you better manage your luggage the next time you go on a trip.

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How to keep your luggage safe when travelling

There are a number of pre-travel steps you should generally take before hitting the road. The first step to having a solid luggage safety plan starts with "Luggage Packing". This step is very critical, that's why you must take it super seriously. If you pack your bags properly, chances are that the number of luggage you might have to go with will be lower, thus reducing the number of bags you will have to manage. The truth remains that the larger your luggage number, the higher the chances of one or more getting missing or being stolen outright or even being tampered with by thieves and miscreants.

So take our advice and better pack your bags. It is better you sweat a bit with properly and carefully packing your bags than sweat with having to handle stolen properties from falling prey to luggage thieves.

The second is to plan your trip as carefully as possible especially as it concerns how you will manage your luggage at the transport park or wherever you intend to board a vehicle from. Carefully planning your trip ahead in terms of how to keep luggage safe will better help you manage your luggage.

So what other tips must you follow? Find out more below,

1. Keep your pieces of Luggage within your line of Sight

It is important that you keep all your luggage as close to you as possible such that at every moment, they are always within your line of sight, thus allowing you to pay close attention to them. If you can easily see your stuff from wherever you are either sitting or standing, the chances that they get stolen or missing is very much reduced.

This will mean that you do not leave your luggage too far away from you or completely unattended to by trusted people. On the latter, make sure you do not hand over supervision of your stuff to people just sitting there in the terminal, it's best you go with them or leave it in the care of people you already know.


Keep your luggage as close to you as possible

If the luggage seems too much for you, you can offer terminal porters cash tip to help you move them with you.

On the issue of porters, if you are forced to patronize transport parks with unorganized terminal please make sure you also keep the porters you higher within your line of sight as they are known to disappear with peoples luggage. If possible, avoid using them altogether, which is why we advised that you plan your trip carefully beforehand. 

If you plan well ahead, you may likely not need to move away from your stuff since you already covered the eventualities that might come up and are better prepared to handle them without exposing your stuff to the risk of getting missing or being stolen.

Check out the video below for an insight into some travel bag options you should consider buying,

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2. Considering buying top-quality travel-specific bags

Some bag manufacturers design and produce bags that have a higher resistance to tear and puncturing even when a knife or other sharp objects are used. These are the kind of bags you should be willing to invest in to reduce the chances of your bag being slashed into by these thieves that may try to steal the stuff in your bag.

This kind of bags may be more expensive than your usual travel bags, but will surely give you more peace of mind especially if you combine this with high-security locks and also keeping them within your line of sight. 

Bag manufacturers like Gonex, PacSafe, and Canway produce some really solid bags that you should consider buying. Some of these bags even come with a luggage safety belt and luggage safety chain.

3. Consider Investing in high-security locks for your bags

After investing in solid travel bags, the next step is to also invest in top quality, high-security lock for your bags and cases. Since luggage tampering is one of the most common luggage risks travellers always have to deal with, then combining good locks with solid travel bags will virtually eliminate the risk of tampering.

Some cheap locks can be damaged by these thieves, so getting a high-security lock is one of the best moves to make in keeping your luggage safe while travelling.

However, when we say locks we do not mean those big metal locks we use in securing our gates oh!!...LOL. There are actually smaller but hasp locking high-security locks that are excellent. So make sure to ask the locks dealer for a suitable one that is appropriate.


Invest in top quality hasp lock for your bags

See the video below for some of the best locks for your luggage

10 Best Locks For Luggage


The information highlighted above can surely help you keep your luggage safe when travelling. Remember to always keep an eye on your stuff. When the porters are loading up the bags into the bus/car, please make sure you are closely watching your bag and always make them know your attention is on your stuff.

Some people usually prefer to remain with the porters on the ground till all the luggage for their vehicle is completely loaded on the car before they take to their seat. You could also employ this approach.

We wish you a safe and stress-free trip the next time you embark on one.

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