How to keep yourself and others safe from car fire


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One of the most difficult situations to find yourself as a driver is inside a burning car while you are stuck in the seat belt. Click here to see what you should do to keep yourself and others safe from car fire!

Car blaze deaths are becoming prevalent in several places across Nigeria and other countries in the world. Don’t be too overconfident thinking your car is immune to fire because you just bought it brand new. A car doesn't come installed with CNG, LPG, hence not the factors behind the car fire. However, it occurs as a result of heat, short circuit in electronic system or leakage.

Now you have known that car fire is something dangerous we can't foresee, so be well-prepared for such a scenario by following our tips on how to keep yourself and others safe from car fire, collected by!

1. How to avoid car fire - Prevention is better than cure

As an old saying goes, "prevention is better than cure." Clearly, knowing how to avoid car fire is just as essential as how to escape it.

  • Always be ready to curb or confront the fire. Make sure you get your car checked regularly from a good auto mechanic workshop.
  • Always have the emergency kit ready for long trip. These items include first aid, drinking water, fire extinguisher, torch, tow rope, mobile phone, spare tyre and also a knife that would come handy when you need to cut the a stuck seatbelt during car fire. You would need to get a small hammer, spanner or other small tools to use on the window when you need to escape quickly from the car. Make sure all these items are kept close to where you can access them easily.


Countless people had lost their lives due to incidents arising from burning cars

2. How to escape a car fire

Now comes to the main part: how to escape a burning car. The first and foremost rule is Keep calm while your head think of what you can do to save your life!

  1. Be calm
  2. Activate the emergency lights
  3. Find a safe spot beside the road and park
  4. Power off the engine
  5. Try to get yourself off the seat belt. If you find the buckle a bit difficult, get the strap over your head by pushing it. After which you should left your legs out from the waist straps underneath.
  6. Find the door, open and escape quickly.
  7. If you find it difficult to open the door, go through the window by smashing it.
  8. If the fire has gotten to the dashboard making the door difficult to open, go through the rare windshield and smash it to exit the car quickly.

Video: Escaping a burning car | Special Feature | Motown India

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3. How do you help others in car fire?

If you travel with passengers or you're just a passer-by and see a car fire, here's what you need to do to help them!

  1. Make sure you go with tools like knife, spanner or small hammer when leaving your car.
  2. If you can’t open the door, smash the window.
  3. Assist them in escaping from the burning car.
  4. Call for assistance.


Forget valuables! Save yourself and other needy people during a car fire

4. To recap

When you are trying to keep yourself and others safe from car fire, do not attempt to open the bonnet or access the car from the front. Leave valuables alone and secure your life or other people in the car first. Make sure you lock your car while driving only for security reasons.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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