5 items that anyone is likely to forget in an Uber or Taxify Cab


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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It is very common for people to forget personal things in a taxi. If you use Uber or Taxify a lot, check out these 5 Items that you can likely forget!

Apart from giving out safe driving tips, Naijauto.com is also dedicated to giving out safety and protection tips that you can apply when boarding commercial buses or an Uber. This is why we have come up with this list of 5 Items that we think anyone could likely forget in an Uber or Taxify Cab.

Before you begin to assume that you are the most vigilant and careful person on earth, stop and ask yourself these two questions below;

  • Have you ever boarded a commercial bus, Uber or Taxify and forgotten something important in the bus/cab?
  • Was it easy to recover (getting it back)?

Anyone that lives in Lagos or any other busy Nigerian cities would easily identify with this frequent drama even if it never happens to you directly.

If such has been happening to you then, be at ease today as we assure you that you are not alone, many reports of such cases come up every day around the world. As a matter of fact, some unconfirmed sources even claim to have once gotten a report of a woman in Dubai who forgot her baby in a taxi. What could she be thinking to have gotten so carried away? No one knows!

So, without much talk, let’s tell you some things that we think you should be cautious because these are most commonly forgotten items in a taxi. Here they are;

1. Mobile phones/ Smartphones

Just imagine a person forgetting his/her one-month-old iPhone X in an Uber or even worst, in a Nigerian commercial bus.

That’s not going to be funny at all, isn’t it?

Due to the handy nature of mobile phones, they are most likely to be forgotten if you drop them on the taxi seat at any point on your journey.


You don’t want to forget your expensive smartphone containing your data in an unknown taxi

If you are ever faced with a situation like this, you can either try reaching the taxi service offices to lodge a complaint or visit the “garage chairman” if it’s a Nigerian commercial bus.

We advise that you always keep your mobile phone inside your handbag (ladies) or pocket (guys) even if you used it when in the taxi, always remember to put it back. Doing that will help eliminate chances of forgetting it in the taxi.

2. Wallet/ Handbag/ Backpack

It is not new to hear some incredibly interesting people who forget something as big as a backpack inside a taxi.

Though, there is no doubt that when one is carried away or lost in deep confusing thoughts, such a thing like that could easily happen. And when such happens, you can imagine the backpack/handbag/wallet content which will include ATM cards, important contact cards, international passports or national ID card, voters’ card and the likes.


Keep your wallet in your pocket and hold your handbag/backpack in your hands when inside a Taxi

It’s a very horrible experience to even imagine because of the stress involved in getting each of these cards back. 

So, add this your rules of thumb; Hold your bag or luggage and keep it on your laps or in between your legs when commuting in a taxi or bus.

It might not be convenient really, but this rule works well in Nigeria to avoid forgetting bigger things in a public transport vehicle.

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3. Earphones/ Headphones

Just imagine that after enjoying music from your favourite playlist using your favourite earphone/headphone on a 40minutes drive, you now got home only to discover you forgot/dropped your headphone in the taxi.


Keep your earphone/headphone around your neck when inside a Taxi to avoid forgetting it

It's too bad to even think about.

You can get yourself a Headphone pouch/purse or just always keep your earphone/headphones around your neck after playing music in a taxi to avoid dropping or forgetting it.

Sometimes it could be a mobile phone charger.

4. Home Keys or other keys

You don’t want to get home and find out that you forgot the keys to your apartment inside the taxi that just zoomed off a few minutes ago.

Keep your keys in your pocket or handbags to avoid leaving them in a taxi.

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5. Shoes and Clothes

Suit jackets are the most common clothing that people usually forget inside the taxi.

You should try to hold your jackets or keep them on your laps to avoid forgetting them.

Will you say this list makes no sense at least 60%? Now that you know these commonly forgotten things, we do hope you become cautious and keep a close eye on them when commuting in a taxi.

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Oluwaseun Solomon

Oluwaseun Solomon

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