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Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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Braking techniques are effective measures used to control car motion while driving. Learn these techniques and how to implement them to be in the league of expert drivers!

The importance of having your brakes in good condition cannot be over-emphasized. It’s actually more important than you think. Unimaginable things can happen when you don’t get it right. By then, it’d be too late to do what you should have done earlier.

It’s one thing to have good brakes, and another thing to use them well. We all know that brakes are used to control car motion, especially bringing the car to a halt. But do you just press the brake pedal rapidly? Doing that might result in an accident.

In a bid to ensure the safety of drivers, brings you these braking techniques to constantly practice while driving.

Four braking techniques to master

Beginner drivers are often taught the basics of driving. You have to be able to control the car, maintain moderate speed, be mindful of other cars on the road and be conversate with road signs among other things. You are hardly taught extensively about braking techniques.

These techniques are very important because they give you the utmost control. You command your car to stop when and how you want it to.

1. Engine brake technique

If you intend to control your car and make it slow down, the engine brake is very handy. Doing this effectively entails the following:

Press the acceleration pedal and immediately switch to no-load. When you do these, you’ll notice an instant effect. Inertia and friction will rapidly reduce the car speed. This is very important when you need to stop your car at once without further delay. Imagine being so close to hitting someone or an object, a second delay might result in damages.


Knowing what braking techniques to apply can spare you possible injuries while moving on wet roads

This technique is also very useful when you are moving on slippery slopes. Your car tires may be slimy due to the topography of the road. It helps you to keep them in control.

2. Engine brake slowing down technique

In the engine brake slowing down technique, you let go of the accelerator and press the brake pedal gently until the car gets to a point of stop.

A vital point to note in this technique is that it’s done with ease. Implementing it with force takes away the desired effect.

Unlike the engine brake technique discussed above, this isn’t done to achieve an instant halt of the car. In other words, you don’t use it in a case of urgency. The brake receives the command and gradually enforces it.

Ensure that the clutch is pressed with your left foot throughout the process. Don’t take if off until your car stops.

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3. Engine brake complete stop technique

To bring the car to a halt while it's moving, in different circumstances, the foot technique is needed. If your car is a reasonable distance away from the object in front of you, apply the brake gently to reduce speed. Doing this prevents your car from jerking due to sudden stop.


Sudden brakes are detrimental to your car tires, do it properly to lessen the effects

In a situation where the object is close to you, don’t hesitate to apply the brakes immediately. It’s better to do this than hit the object because the damage could be worse. Ensure that you put off the clutch for the car engine to keep working.

4. Combined braking system technique

The combined braking system technique comes off as complicated to new drivers. But with practice, it can be mastered. It entails that you press the brake pedal and switch to the lower level instantly. This is very important when you drive on long steps. It helps you to protect yourself as well as other drivers on the road.

There are certain dangerous situations in which the handbrake is needed for better effect.

Advanced car brake systems have made braking easier than it used to be. However, it’s important that drivers are conversant with effective braking techniques because they might be needed to avert danger. Don’t shy away from learning.

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Chris Odogwu

Chris Odogwu

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