7 tips on how to reverse a car easily

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How to reverse your car properly is a tough skill to master especial when you are a beginner driver. These tips should help you get over the biggest hurdles to reversing. Check details below!

Learning how to drive a car is intimidating enough, but for many, the skill that seems the toughest to master is reversing. You may be one of those who have never been able to pass driving school because of inability to reverse properly. But have no fear, there are sure tips from Naijauto.com to help you get the hang of reversing a car properly.

Here we go, simple steps on how to reverse a car easily!


Be confident when you are reversing. A relaxed mind helps a lot

1. Practice in a serene environment

Choose an environment that is free from continuous distractions and activities. To get the best out of your practice session, it is ideal and better to practice in a quiet place like an empty car park or a football field. Most times, it is essential to practice on Sundays since there are fewer activities. This limits excess distractions and ensures optimal concentration during your reversing sessions. Doing this will hasten your skill in car reversing technique.

2. Concentrate on the car direction

When reversing, it is often tempting to glance over at the steering wheel in an attempt to make perfect calculations in the direction the steering wheel is headed. The reason you do not necessarily need to look at the wheel when moving backward is because you need to have a clear view of where your car or vehicle is going. With steady practice, your brain will automatically adjust and help you position yourself regarding how much steering needs to be done and when exactly it is needed.

Most times, your hands will move in line with your eyes when reversing. But if you are looking forward when reversing, chances are that you will experience difficulty in determining the direction of the car at the back. More so, using the interior mirror to reverse may make the whole task appear more difficult since mirrors are known for reversing images. Even though it is important to have a look in the blind spot to make sure nothing behind you is impeding the way, these should be just occasional glances.

The most appropriate view to be taken when reversing should be through the back window. You can easily take off your seatbelt as this allows you to move more freely on your seat in order to have a clear look out of the back window. Ensure you take precautions with regards to the direction you want the back of the car to go. For movement towards the left, steer left while all movements to the right direction should take a right steer.

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3. Straightening the wheel

It is important to straighten the steering wheel before you begin reversing; this limits every form of over-steering. You can then add a left or right turn incrementally as the need may arise. Most cars takes an average of 1 and a 1/2 turns from a full lock to straighten the wheels.


Straighten both steering wheel an your tires before you start reversing

4. Take it slow and steady

Taking a slow pace when reversing gives you more room and breathing space to think; the slow speed will also give you more time to react in cases where you feel you are getting close to something and when an appropriate action is required. The one sure way to quickly get into trouble when reversing is to jam your foot down on the accelerator. Not only do you not see where you are going clearly enough, you won’t have time to make any adjustment except an abrupt, dangerous halt.

5. Adjust your side mirrors when necessary

Many times, we tend to underrate the importance of side mirrors in our reversing process, which is inappropriate. Thanks to modern technology, all modern car mirrors are now easily adjustable. All you need to do is to push them manually or through automatic means. Ensure you use the mirrors to your advantage, as you can pull the mirror down in a way to easily see the sides of the road.  If you can see the edge, it will be easier to take precautions when getting far away or too close.

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Side mirrors are there for use, don't ignore them

6. Keep it simple

Avoid unnecessary misconceptions. Often times, we are made to believe that it is in fact important to steer towards an opposite direction when moving backwards; this is incorrect. Take note, if your target direction is on your right and you want to get close to it, you would need to steer right wards, towards the direction of the target. In other words, if you are in close proximity to the edge of the road and want to leave, you would need to steer away from the edge.

7. Practice makes perfect

Anyone that has ever reversed a trailer, car or caravan knows how difficult it is thinking backwards. However, the only perfect solution is to practice. Continuous practice until you become perfect is the one way to get there.

If you do a reverse just once in a year or during your summer holidays, then, chances are that you may still need a lot of catching up to do. Continuous reversing enhances smoother and fewer adjustments during reversing. However, the more you practice, the more confident you will become about your reversing skills.

So, hope the aforementioned tips on how to reverse a car easily is helpful to you. Should you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact Naijauto experts via email help@naijauto.com!

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