How to prevent car thieves from accessing your car


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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There is no car that doesn't have its security flaws and you can't be too careful. Read here to see the ways you can protect your car and valuables from car thieves!

Many people have had this bitter experience of car theft and have their valuables carted away through this unfortunate incidence. Truth is, it happens all over the world. So be rest assured that this is not only in Ojota or Bannex. There is always a trauma with people who have experienced this and they end up being paranoid overtime, anytime they want to park or leave their cars. Funny twist to this is that, it happens mostly to people who feel they are invisible or too careful for that. This however explains that nobody is definitely immune to this except you take some actions to prevent it.

What you need to know is that no car is perfectly secured from car theft. There is always this loophole and car theft expertise varies on experience and intelligence. Here is how you can protect your car from car theft here on Naijauto.

1. Always lock all doors, close the window & trunk

This is golden rule number 1 to prevent someone having access into your car. These thieves either target cars or pick them randomly. Though locking your door or window and of course closing the trunk as well doesn’t guarantee 100% protection but it is a good starting point. Car thieves hate attention and breaking your car door or window is definitely a turn off. So when you forget to lock your car doors or even windows, it is an open check for them to cart away anything valuable in that car of yours. Good thing is, most cars have central lock for all doors. So, locking your car shouldn’t be an issue for you.


Under no circumstance should you forget to lock your car door before leaving it

2. Refrain from leaving valuable things in your car

This is golden rule number 2. Do not leave things that are of high value in your car. One thing drivers do in Nigeria now to avoid car theft is hiding their valuable things inside the car. Well, it is still better than leaving it on the dashboard or even the car seat. Anybody peeping through the window will easily see and attempt to steal. But generally, we prefer you take them along with you when leave your car.

3. Always power off your engine before leaving

The rule no 3 is never leave your car running or leaves your car key on the ignition especially when you intend to quickly pick up something and return to your car. You just made life so much easy for the car thief to run off with your car and any valuable inside. Even if you are going away for just 1 minute, power off your engine and take your ignition key with you.


Get yourself an alarm system to prevent your car from being burgled

4. Avoid parking in dark places

One of the easiest places for car theft is a darkened parking lot. This is because he/she will carry out the operation on your car without anybody seeing him or her. Always park your car in an open space or parking lot with enough light to see anyone trying to burgle your car.

5. Get yourself a tracker or alarm system

The final golden rule in our piece today on how to protect your car from car thieves is putting your hands into your wallet and acquiring a good tracker for your car. You can’t be too careful and you need an alternative problem solver when your car is being stolen. Car thieves dread cars with trackers because those cars can easily be traced and recovered. The alarm system is getting very popular in Nigeria. Once the thief touches your car, it makes a very disturbing sound that scares the thief. Install one in your car and put your mind at rest.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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