3 steps on how to overcome the fear of driving a car


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Some people have this strong phobia for driving, this article is surely for them. Check out the tips that will help you overcome the fear of driving!

For some of us, learning how to drive came with such excitement that it's just difficult to describe, from the first time you took to the driver's seat, up to when you became a fluent driver, all these offer different levels of energy and fun. However to some other people, what we describe as excitement and fun, is something that causes them a whole lot of anxiety and fear.

They just can't stand the phobia of taking to the wheels and a whole lot more stuff that play out on their minds. So what really is this thing called Driving Phobia.

What is Driving Phobia?

Driving phobia is simply the fear of driving a car. It is also called Vehophobia, derived from two Latin and Greek words "Veho" and "Phobia". Veho is a Latin word that means "Drive" while Phobia, as we all know, is a Greek word that stands for "Fear". So vehophobia is the technical word we use to describe the fear of driving.

This fear varies from person to person in terms of intensity. For some persons, the fear is just so intense that they can't seem to bring themselves into the driver's seat altogether. While for others, specific aspects of driving make them really anxious.


Vehophobia is strong enough to mentally cripple the toughest guys

One case in point is my experience with this lady at the parking lot of the University Teaching Hospital in Calabar. This lady drove into the parking lot, but just came down from her car and politely asked me to help her park into a free space in-between two cars. Obviously, she had issues with parking in-between cars which is understandable but is still something she can obviously do if she can get over that fear.

So, people with vehophobia experience different levels of specific phobia and will sometimes find excuses to justify their fears. Consider this epic excuse: "There are so many people with driving skills out there that need a job, I want to help reduce the level of unemployment". Well, her intentions might be good, but the underlying reason for it is where the problem lies. Just like this person, so many other persons come up with their own excuses to justify their fears. But how can these people overcome the fear of driving?

Let's have a look at some useful tips that we believe will be helpful.

Tips and ideas on how to overcome the fear of driving

1. Train your mind

This for us is the very first step you must take if you are to overcome the fear of driving because the whole concept of vehophobia is a mind thing or the mildest form of psychiatric disorder. 

Some people fear that they would probably get in an accident if they take to the wheel. This is a very common reason for some persons, which makes them believe that they will cause an accident if they drive and will end up either getting injured, destroy their cars, or even kill someone.

Other persons decide not to ever drive again after a terrible accident they were involved in first hand. This condition is generally referred to as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD, which is a psychiatric condition that stems from fear-related stress resulting from a traumatic experience like an accident. The fear can be very intense and is strong enough to disarm even the toughest guys. However, this, too, is a mind thing that can still be overcome with effort and sometimes medical help.

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1.1. How to succeed

So, if you must win the battle, you must work on your mind and what's going on in there. To do this, you must look realistically at what really is making you develop this fear and you should try to give an answer to the following questions;

  • Are my fears that serious and is it really worth the sweat?
  • How truly risky is my phobia, counting on a scale of 1-10?

After careful objective consideration, along with in-depth research of the factors surrounding what really causes your anxiety and fear of driving, you will likely realize how unnecessary and inconsequential your fear really is. And you will also realize how much bigger you are than what scares you, and why you shouldn't let simple things like driving up a hill or the fear of driving on the freeway or fear of driving past a trailer, put you down.


Post Accident Trauma makes some people decide never to drive again. Overcoming it, you enjoy the ride!

2. Confront your fears

If you don't face your fear head-on, you will never be free from its claws. You will remain a prisoner of your fear and be under its dark shadows perpetually. And the only way to confront the fear of driving is to drive. No two ways about it. Drive!!!.

2.1. How to succeed

  • It might seem suffocating initially, but consistent and concerted effort will be required on your part. You must believe that you are bigger than what causes you this fear and anxiety.
  •  You will have to take small, gradual steps, which means that you will have to take it slow. If you struggle with driving as a whole, why not start by driving in a large open field where there are no persons around except your instructor. If you can overcome this space then, you could take it a notch up to an isolated road network with very low traffic. Before long you may be driving along busy roads with very minimal issues. 
  • On the other hand, if your fear is driving up a hill, why not start with hills that are not so steep, then move up gradually to the ones that scare you the most.
  • If you fear being involved in another accident or you're struggling with Post Accident anxiety disorders, why not start all over again with a driving instructor, like you are learning how to drive from the scratch. This could help you work your way up and gradually gain your confidence back. 

If you take is slow and gradual, you will likely get over your fears in the long run.


If you keep pushing, you will surely overcome your fear

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3. Be determined and deliberate

So this is the part that should put the crown on your efforts. We expect that there will be hiccups and challenges along the way, but being determined and deliberate will make you try it over and over until you get rid of your fears. It's always a bit tough but if you keep pushing, you will be better off.

The following video offers something you should hear on how to overcome the fear of driving.

Video: 10 Tips For Overcoming The Fear Of Driving


After reading this, the bonus is on you to give it a try by taking the first steps to overcome your fear of driving. We hope this article will spike your desire towards being free from your shackle of fear and anxiety. Hopefully, we will see you on the road soon, as you now have a useful tool that shows you how to overcome the fear of driving. If this was helpful, please do well to share with friends and family.

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