This 5 tips will help you survive traffic robbers in Lagos


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No one would expect the situation of having to handle traffic robbers, but if it's always good to get prepared for any unfortunate. See how!

Being the capital of a country, Lagos is known as one of the financial centers of Nigeria. This naturally attracts a great stream of people, coming here in the hope to make a good living. Many jobs have been created and the streets are getting busier and busier every day.

In any thriving society, there would always be a minority with a dependent mindset, who want too many things they don't deserve. There's a name for them: robbers. Though the chances you encounter one on the road, especially if you commute in the daylight, is relatively low, it's always good to be prepared. Below are some of the tips on how you should react to the situation of having to handle traffic robbers.

an armed man point a gun at a car

No one wants to be involved in this situation, but better be prepared than sorry!

1. Stay cool

Though it's easier said than done, you should always stay calm when you see one. Generally speaking, they only care about your money, so don't panic if you want to handle the traffic robbers safely. If you overreact and, say, reach out for something in the pocket, they might interpret you were trying to get a gun. And that's not going to look good. 

2. Don't attempt to fight back

Unless you are a trained soldier or police officer, never try to fight back. Forget about your MMA or karate class you took some years ago, that's not gonna help since the robbers are probably armed and came in a team. If you did fight back, you not only risk your money but also your life.
Try your best to follow their demands. Most of them would want your assets and nothing else. If you show your willingness to cooperate, you might get out of the situation unharmed. Remember, it's your life that worths.

a man trying to punch a robber

It's never a good idea to fight back a band of armed and aggressive robbers

 3. Don't make eye contact

Similar to the above advice, you should avoid doing anything that might provoke the criminals. When you make eye contact with them, they might infer that as a sign of you conspiring something against them. Also, it can be a sign of you trying to memorize their face to report to the authority later. With that said, you shouldn't do these, plus anything that makes the robbers feel threatened. What's more, calling them sir would help to show your submission, therefore avoid any unwanted violence.

a man making eye contact with a robber

Making eye contact is extremely dangerous in these kinds of situations


4. Speak with simple language

In these kinds of situation, it's very easy for you to get panic and blab about too many unnecessary things. Remember that it is not a language test or rhetoric contest. The best language to speak in those situations is THEIR languages. If they speak with local dialect and you happen to know it, use it. If you don't, try to answer with short sentences in clear voice, showing that you are submissive and that you have no intention to extract any further information rather than to answer to their demands. Remember, most robbers are probably uneducated and if you confuse them with too much information or too complicated grammar, they might get outraged and that's extremely dangerous for you.

5. Don't try to be funny

This would not be the perfect time for you to try a line or two you just learned from your favorite comedies. These people are here for one reason and one reason only, your assets and money. It's best if you suppress your inner comic and don't attempt to "break the ice" between you and the robber. Just follow their instructions and God bless you.

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