A quick guide to get a driver license in Nigeria


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Planning for your first car? Better get hold of a driver license first. Spare 4 minutes of your time and we will tell you how/.

Unless you don't want to legally commute on the streets of Nigeria, it's only fair that you have a driver license. Holding a driving license is the proof that you know how to operate your vehicle properly, thus keeping you and other motorists safe and making Nigerian's streets safe ones to travel on.

There are many kinds of licenses for operating a variety of vehicles, but in general, you have to follow the same procedures issued by the Federal Government of Nigeria, all of which are laid out below:

a Nigeria's driving license

We will guide you through steps on how to get a license like this

Step 1: Fill the form

Go to the Motor Licensing Authority to get the MVA 11 form and fill in all the necessary details about you and your vehicle. You should double-check any lengthy and/or unclear information.

Step 2: Take the test

In accordance with the details you fill in and the license you wish to obtain, you will be required to attend a driving test in that respective category. For example, you will not get a tractor license if you took the test for sedan type.

Step 3: Get the certificate

If you pass the test, a certificate with the vehicle category and your details imprinted will be issued. Other physical features will be sampled in the next step.

Step 4: Pay the fee

You will then proceed to pay a small payment to the MLA, who will be responsible to send your form to another state agency called FRSC (IPC). 

Step 5: Get your identity documented

Your following physical traits will be taken at the FRSC: Fingerprint, signature, and photograph, so that officers would recognize you when he looks into your license.

a Nigeria's driving license

Your physical identity will be recorded once all the paperwork is done

Step 6: Obtain the license

If you pass the test and complete all the procedures, your license will be issued by the MLA and it should arrive within several days.

a happy black woman in a car

The license should arrive shortly after you've done all the required steps

Additional information

When you get hold of the driving license and have been on the road for a while, you can also apply for the trade test certificate Issues 1,2 and 3. This certificate will be issued by the ministry of labor and productivity
The minimum age requirement for a driver is 18 and the maximum age allowed is 70.

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