How to drive through flooded roads in Nigeria


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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Driving through flooded roads requires more than your regular driving skill so as not to put your safety in jeopardy or the condition of your car. Read the post below to know how!

Every season in Nigeria comes with driving challenges. During the dry season, Nigerians are always wary of excess dust which will make your car look like you haven’t washed it for months and the thickness of the dust that will blind your view when driving. Raining season, on the other hand, will give you relief from such dust but worrisome issues are ahead. One peculiar thing about the raining season all over the world is flood. So, be rest assured that it’s not only in Nigeria. But the challenge in Nigeria during the rainy season is the poorly constructed road with no reliable drainage system. This makes driving during these times a bit challenging.

Don't you worry, here on Naijauto, we will tell you how you can safely drive through flooded roads in Nigeria without incurring much damage on your car.

Simple tips on driving through flooded roads in Nigeria

Before we dive into tips for driving on flooded roads, we always prefer you to take an alternative route since exposing your car to flood can destroy some crucial components such as the piston, electrical circuit, connecting rods, and other vital parts of your car. But if you cannot avoid this flooded road, follow the steps below:


Make sure you know how deep it is before diving into it!

1. You can only drive through a flooded road when you have a clue on how deep it is. Take a look around and see other vehicles crossing or possibly pedestrians trying to cross over. This will give you a hint whether to drive through or possibly turn back. After all you cannot be prosecuted for missing a day.

2. You need to be calm when driving through a flood. This implies driving slowly through the water. Do not be too anxious to rush out of the flood. Driving fast into a flood will incur serious damage to your engine.

3. Do not jeopardize your life and other occupants in your car by driving through a flooded road with a fallen electric pole or anything that could electrocute you the moment you drive your car through.

4. One peculiar thing about the Nigerian flood is the deposit of dirt and all sorts of things that float on the water. Avoid getting trapped between these items. Doing so can dent your vehicle beyond recognition.

5. A situation when your car stalls or stops when driving through the flood, restarting it might be problematic for your car but it seems your only option. Doing so is a risk you may need to take though.

6. When you fail to restart your engine while in rising water or very strong flood, it is better you take a look around and check for higher ground. This means you might need to abandon that car for your safety. Life is definitely worth more than acquisition like your car.

7. Though many drivers do it, but it is a very bad habit to splash pedestrians with dirty water by driving through flooded roads.

8. Be on the lookout for other vehicles especially heavy trucks or higher vehicles like SUVs that could trap you within the flood through waves caused by running into the flooded road.

9. Do not act like an island. When you feel trapped in the flood, look around and call for help especially from people at higher or safer ground.

10. When successfully driven through a flooded road, you need to test your vehicle brake by pressing it while driving at low speed on a dry road. To dry it off, use your left foot to softly press the brake pedal while accelerating with your right foot.

8 golden rules how to drive through flooded areas

Remember your safety comes first, then the safety of your vehicle.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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