How to check tire expiry date in Nigeria


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Do you know how to check tire expiry date in Nigeria? There is a lot of information on tire expiry in this article. Learn the simple steps to know when tires expire!

The issue of tire explosion has been a recurring news from the Nigerian roads, these tire explosions have led to so many car accidents and it has claimed a lot of lives. Most car users in Nigeria have very little knowledge that expired tires have more possibility of exploding, and some others who consider aging and wearing as a factor for tire explosion still get surprised when they experience tire explosion after purchasing a new tire.

1. Why drivers in Nigeria should check tire expiry date?

There are a lot of factors that need to be considered when selecting new tires in Nigeria, these factors contribute to safety, and cannot be overlooked because of tire expiration and the hazards it can cause. Some car users prefer to buy used tires whether foreign used or locally used, just seeing that it looks good and strong satisfies them. Others who go for brand new tires get cheated because they buy tires close to expiration date or already expired tires while the rest rely on the thread depth to determine whether to replace a car tire.


This could happen to an expired car tire while on the road and result to an accident

Tires are manufactured using rubber, carbon black and a combination of some chemicals that holds all the components intact; the tires are mostly durable for a certain period after the date of manufacture. These following reasons should make drivers check tire expiry date in Nigeria;

  • Tires have shelf life and if they are kept longer than this period of time, it makes them unfit for road use or sales; the reason is because their rubber would lose quality over time.

  • Weather conditions like sunlight, heat and general wear and tear can quicken the rate at which tires get bad.

  • Thread separation begins to take place inside a tire when it starts to get too old; and even without being driven, the components of the tire could begin to disintegrate gradually.

  • It is very dangerous to drive a car without knowing about the expiry dates of the tires.

  • The Corps Marshals of the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) of Nigeria will impound a vehicle with expired tires; they started this in 2016 as reported by the punch newspaper, after several investigations that proved this as the sole causes of road accidents.

A driver who agrees to check expired tires in Nigeria will be saving lives with the simple act, since a report already stated that more than 90% of road incidents between Feb 9 and April 7 in 2016 was due to car tire explosion. It became obvious after the FRSC investigations that only a few Nigerian knew that car tires could expire and only very few people knew where to find the expiry date on their car tire. Naijauto brings safe driving tips that explains how to check tire expiry date in Nigeria; a lot of information has been gathered to assist car owners find out where the manufacturing date in tires is located, and use that to determine the date of expiry when shopping for tires at the market.

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2. How to check expiry date on tires?

Automakers say that tires have a lifespan duration which varies from 36 months after manufacturing to about 72 months that is between 3 - 6 years; although the tire manufacturers insist that with professional inspection, tires can be durable until the tenth year.

To check tire expiry date in Nigeria, road users should note that the duration for tire usage in Nigeria is 4 years, that is to say any tire above 4 years is declared expired by FRSC. The declaration takes the average lifespan after considering the conditions under which tires are used in the country.

Here is an informatio that will help you buy the best tires

Expired tires are dictated from the date of manufacture inscribed on the tire; the date is included in the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) code string. These steps will guide you on how to check tire expiry date in Nigeria;

Step 1: Look for the long DOT code located on the side of the tires.

Step 2: The last three or four figures of the DOT string says the date of manufacture of the tire. A three-digit tire manufacture code refers to tires produced before the year 2000; while a four-digit at the end of the DOT shows that the tires were produced from year 2000 and later.

Step 3: If you see only three digits at the end of the DOT, the first two figures indicate the production week while the last digit indicates the production year.


These 3-digits tell that the tire was made before year 2000

Step 4: If you see only four digits at the end of the DOT, the two digits beginning the code indicates the week of production and the last two digits shows the year of production.


Look for the date of manufacture inscribed on the side wall of the tires

For example, a DOT code of 3714 has four figures; this means that the tire was produced in the 37th week of 2014 which happens to be a week in September. Based on the average duration of car tires in Nigeria, that tire probably expires in September of 2018.

3. Conclusion

Expired tires on sale in Nigeria has to be put into serious check due to the hazard that it poses in the automobile industry. In worse scenarios, using expired tires can be very disastrous as we know that cars move at speed levels that heats up the tires and increase the air pressure; this is capable of resulting in a tire burst.

Drivers must learn how to check tire expiry date as well as confirm the status of the tires they use on a daily basis; the responsibility to stay safe remains that of the driver, and is always available with the best information to help guide drivers with tips for safety on the road.

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