How to be a smart pedestrian in Lagos?


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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Moving around Lagos does not necessarily require a car. As a pedestrian, you will be faced with challenges on the street. Read this to know more tips!

When you enter Lagos for the very first time, what will catch your attention is thousands of cars plying the roads. Lagos has a strong reputation for congestion both in vehicles and pedestrians. Because of these densely populated cities around Lagos, especially in the low brow areas in Lagos, you need to be smart as you proceed to your daily activities. To survive Lagos without a car amidst these challenges, Naijauto has come up with simple techniques on how to be a smart and safe pedestrian.

6 ways of becoming a smart pedestrian in Lagos

1. Use pedestrian bridge when necessary

One mistake some people do in Lagos and other highly populated cities in Nigeria is crossing the roads without using pedestrian bridge. This can be said to places where the roads are very wide and cars move at top speed. Sometimes being overly calculative can be a doom day especially when you wrongly presume the speed at which the approaching vehicle is moving. You do not want to endanger your life. It does not take much of your time to approach the pedestrian bridge and safely cross to the other side.


For your safety, refrain from crossing a wide street when there is pedestrian bridge

One other thing you should know about not using the pedestrian bridge in Lagos is that, you can be punished or fined for disobeying this simple law laid down by the state government.

2. Concentrate on where you are going

You do not want to be pressing your phone in while walking. Surfing through social media while on Lagos roads is synonymous to tickling a hungry lion. If your phone isn’t snatched forcefully from you, you might be a victim of an accident probably from a bus trying to avoid LASTMA (Lagos state traffic officers). Keep your head up and focus on where you are going.

3. Avoid making calls while walking

Receiving or calling someone requires your mental attention to keep up with the conversation. Doing that while walking as a pedestrian will be a serious distraction and unsafe for you especially in congested places in Lagos. If the call is a ‘do or die’ affair as popular used by Nigerians for very important thing, you must find a safe spot close to where you are, make your calls, and proceed to your destination.


Pressing your phone while walking as a pedestrian is not safe at all

4. Avoid taking pictures when an accident occurs

Some people see this act as an opportunity to trend on social media. Stop it! It is inhuman and an act of irresponsibility of taking pictures of accident victims just to up your profile on social media. As a good pedestrian, you show sympathy and attempt to help if needed.

5. Always help the aged and other vulnerable people to cross

Obviously pedestrian bridges are not everywhere in Lagos and there are some set of people that might need your help to cross the always-busy roads. These sets of people include the pregnant women, aged people, children and people of disability that could restrain them from crossing the street by themselves.

6. Do not meddle into strangers’ personal matters

Lagos is a city filled with all forms of drama, some real, some play act. You do want to fall victim of brutal violence for what does not concern you or find yourself being swindled by those con men. Always mind your own business and be polite to people as much as possible. When you notice of sign of impending conflict, quicken your step and leave that place as soon as possible.

Video: How to be a smart and safe pedestrian

We hope you stay safe as a car owner or a pedestrian. Always come back for more info on safe driving tips and advice here on

Oluwaseun Adeniji
Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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