How to avoid being robbed while driving on highway


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Highway drives are considered to be safer than in the city but still, anything can turn sour in Nigeria. So here's how to avoid robbery while driving on the highway.


The country is currently experiencing a wild wave of insecurity with un-numbered cases of robbery. From the deltas of the south-south to the grassland surrounded motorways of the middle belt, down to the deserts highways in the north, a growing number of cases have been reported of highway robbery happening across the nation. Motorists and travelers have lost valuables and some have even paid the ultimate price from being attacked by hoodlums and highway robbers who are hell-bent on stealing from innocent and unsuspecting travelers. 

This article seeks to provide a few helpful tips that should assist you to avoid this unwanted and traumatic experience when you are making a trip.


The highway is less crowded in some parts which pose dangers to drivers

How to avoid being robbed while driving on a Highway

We know it can be a really traumatic experience to be faced with a highway robbery incident and the truth is, no one wants or plans to run into these people. Unfortunately, though, there is no watertight manual to managing this kind of event. However, we believe that the few tips we will offer here will go a long way in helping.

Do not do Night travels

Traveling at night increases the chance of you being robbed on the highway. Experience and data have shown that most highway robberies occurred during the night. Truth is, our highways are not safe in the day not even to mention when it's all dark. If you want to increase your chances of getting home safe and with your values intact, then you must try as much as possible to avoid traveling at night, be it with public transport services or you're doing the trip in your private car.


Many robberies take place on the highway during the night

So many travelers have reported their cars and buses running into highway robbers with most losing their valuables and some have had to nurse various degrees of injuries after these experiences. Read the fearful experience of a night bus passenger below,

"We left Upper Iweka in Onitsha at about 12 midnight heading to Lagos and as we crossed over the Niger Bridge, we saw buses parked. When we asked what the issue was, we were told some other buses ahead were just robbed. Our driver came down from his side (he didn't open the door to the passenger side) and started inquiring with other drivers what to be done. Immediately, the robbers drove down to meet us and started shooting anyhow. Our driver ran away, we were trapped in the bus. I summoned courage and jumped out from the bus and ran some meters into the bush.  

The police later came and told us that the coast was clear and we can go. All the buses started running but my bus driver refused since most passengers were still in the bush. After 20 minutes, we saw a car driving towards us, full of bullet holes and d driver miraculously escaped unhurt. He told us that several buses were caught and that the police also told them that the coast was clear (hence, we were all setup by the police). They robbed those buses thoroughly and we just waited till 3 am when we saw buses coming from the opposite lane. As we got to the robbery spot, bodies littered all over the place, they robbed all the buses that fell for the police scam and the body count was about 60 before we left the scene."

Any sane human that reads this kind of experience will definitely reconsider doing night travel. It is just too risky and no reason is good enough to warrant exposing oneself to such level of risk. Others may have done these trips and never experienced such incidents, but that does not remove the risk of such an event occurring. In fact, the chances of such incidents occurring are so high these days. Final Word, AVOID NIGHT TRAVEL BY EVERY MEANS.

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Avoid Lonely and Isolated Routes

As much as possible avoid taking lonely and isolated routes no matter how much they shorten your trip. Such routes provide highway robbers the right conditions to perfect their nefarious acts. There are several routes like that across the country, travelers heading down to Calabar from Port Harcourt sometimes choose to take the lonely Polytechnic Road. That road is a hotbed for robbers and ritualists especially because it's isolated and lonely, meaning they can take all the time in the world to complete their aim and no help will come your way.

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Stay Alert (Must Read)

Highway robbers are becoming more daring these days and are even attacking people in broad daylight even as early as 11 am in the morning. Travelers that use Ogoni Road in Rivers State, Benin-Lagos Expressway, Abuja-Kaduna highway, Mokwa Road, Okene-Abuja Road have reported several cases of daylight robbery. So no time is really so safe and it is another reason you must stay alert throughout the journey.


Unexpected robberies even happen during daylight traffic

  • Look out for unusual scenarios on the road like parked cars with people lurking around. Good samaritans have fallen prey to these tricks by highway robbers. Rather than stop there, drive away and inform police and road safety officers of a broken down car in need of assistance.
  • Try to avoid unusual objects you noticed on the road, sometimes these things are spiked and intentionally placed on the roads by the robbers to puncture your tire.

A well-known trick of these guys is to spread oranges on the road, these oranges have nails inserted in then to puncture your tires and thus leave you at their mercy. Please if you notice something like this, be extra careful and try your best to avoid these oranges while maintaining good speed. Even if you feel you have picked nails from their spiked oranges, please try not to stop and keep going until you reach some safe distance, hopefully, you will get away safe.

  • We also advise that when embarking on long trips through highways, you rather use self-sealing tires such that even when you run into spikes put on the road by these evil men you can still keep driving without your tires going flat immediately, thus you can easily drive away to a safe distance before needing to change your punctured tires. There are different types of self sealing tires, look out for those that suits you.
  • If you notice suspicious movements ahead, in such instance, you normally have two options open to you, either you turn around and head back to a safe distance or you keep going. Most times when you notice these things its already too late, as you may already be unfortunately followed from behind with another group waiting for you ahead. Thus, turning back is no option with the only option left is to flat down your accelerator and fire ahead at full speed luckily you'll get away. But most times, you may be seriously cornered if they have guns pointed at you from ahead.

When Stuck in Traffic

Gridlocks are notoriously common on our highways with several reported cases of cars being robbed while stuck in traffic.

  • You must remain alert to reduce your chances of being a traffic robbery victim. Always try to put your bags, expensive jewelry, and electronic gadgets out of sight, and if you notice movements you do not like, Please blare your horn repeatedly to show the possible robber that you are alert and ready. 
  • Experience has shown that in cases of traffic robbery, other motorists are always too scared to intervene, so in an event that you get attacked, please remain calm and obey the attackers to avoid them inflicting injury on you.


Always remain alert to avoid falling victim to traffic robbery

Highway robbers always employ the surprise factor so much to their benefit, catching unsuspecting travelers unaware. We truly wish that you have the presence of mind to remain calm and take the right decisions.

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We hope you were able to learn a few things that will be helpful in staying safe while traveling on a highway. If you enjoyed this article, please feel free to share on your social media pages and also with your friends and colleagues.

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