How different people turn the steering wheel of a car. See which is correct


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People have different ways of turning the steering wheels of their cars. All styles of steering are wrong except one. Read on to learn the correct way!

Every human being you see is unique is different ways, this uniqueness makes us have different approaches to the same problems in life. I sound like a Naija motivational speaker already. 

There are 5 different ways people handle the steering of their cars, some ways are safe while some are dangerous. You would know all these different styles and in the end, I will tell you which is the best for you. 


How will you pass this road without steering your car perfectly?

Is it steering/wheel/steering wheel?

The correct term for that commonly rounded part of the car that controls the direction the tire is facing is "steering wheel" but calling it steering/wheel is cool as the two words are standard slangs all over the world. The steering wheel was part of the first features added to cars from the invention of modern cars because it is very vital. In life, we can't go anywhere meaningful without direction. 

Different ways people handle the steering!

You are going to have to imagine a clock and all the number positions because that's how I would describe the position of the hand on the steering wheel.


This is the number system that we are using to show the position

The comfort and ease of this design are part of the reasons why steering wheels are circular along with other standard reasons automotive manufacturers took note of.  

1. The Grandma style

This is common amongst learner drivers and females in Nigeria. They sit very close to the steering wheel and place their hands on the 9' and 3' position while throwing and catching the steering around instead of turning it seamlessly. Look at the image to understand better.


A very uncomfortable way of steering 

This style reduces the speed of turning the steering and it can be very dangerous around sharp bends where fast steering response is needed.

2. The big boy style

Younger drivers created this style of steering to show swag by driving with just one hand placed on the steering wheel at mostly position 12'. This position actually makes feeding the steering wheel very fast but it's stressful and gives the driver lesser control over the steering at high speeds. This is why you can't be driving with just one hand above slow cruising speeds.


One hand cruising for big boy swag right?

When you use two hands, you have backup control incase one hand slips while you are steering. 

3. The playful style

This is a very weird way I noticed people handle their steering. Hands tucked in the steering holes at position 10' and 2' then the palms grip the wheel from inside out and this limits the angle which you can turn the steering.


Very funny style right? Some of us are very playful

You are meant to place your hands on the outside of the steering not inside. It is a very bad way of steering your car please, you need to stop driving this way.

4. The two hands up/down style 

Placing your two hands on either the 10' and 2' position or the 8' and 4' position while you feed the steering around used to be a proper way of steering until steering airbags became a standard safety feature in a car. 


This is the former correct 10 and 2 position of steering a car

The steering airbag deploys at those positions and can injure the driver's hands if there is an accident. This is why NHTSA, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the USA discarded this way as the correct way of driving.

If you still handle your steering this way, then you are not doing well at all. 

5. The right and safest style

Finally, we are in the right style of handling your steering wheel for maximum safety and comfort while driving. Placing your hands on the 9' and 3' position is the best way to hold the steering while you turn using the push and pull method.


Schematic for the push and pull technique 

The push and pull method means you use the left hand to push up then use your right hand to pull downwards and the steering wheel spins quickly using this method of steering when you have to turn left or right. The NHTSA approves this style as the safest way of driving pending the time when new steering technologies like the Mercedes Benz touch-sensitive steering wheel would be fully developed for general use in cars.


Correct steering wheel handling technique!

Three precautions to note while handling the steering wheel

  • Before you start handling the steering make sure you have observed the correct seating position in the car after using your seatbelt.
  • Always place two hands at the 9' and 3' positions at all times.
  • Remember to always return the steering after a wide turn (some cars feedback the steering automatically). 


Always seat properly in a car to avoid health issues

You can easily learn how to steer perfectly from this video below :

How to steer your car properly

Final notes 

I hope we have all learned why the 9' and 3' position is the best for driving in Nigeria and all over the world.


know the wrong ways today! stay safe

I am not saying you cannot be playful while cruising in your car maybe for the camera or for a video shoot but you must pay attention at all times and once you are moving at speeds above 20 mph you need to switch style to the 9' and 3' push and pull technique of steering.

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