How much is drivers license in Nigeria 2020 – License fraud unveiled


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This article answers How much is drivers license in Nigeria, cost of vehicle licence renewal and international drivers license cost. We also share a story of license fraud in Nigeria. Check it out!

1. Nigeria drivers license price

If you have ever done driving license application in Nigeria at FRSC offices, you must have been familiar with waiting lines and exhausting procedures. Even when you have prepared every document needed, there would always be something that prevents FRSC officer to proceed your application more quickly.

What’s more, you shouldn’t be surprised when knowing that each driver may pay a different Nigeria drivers license price though the cost has long been published by the government.

So, how much is drivers license in Nigeria 2020?

Below is the basic cost of driver’s license in Nigeria updated this year, collected by

  • Driving school certificate: ₦8,000
  • VIO test certificate: ₦1,000
  • Eye test certificate: ₦500
  • Cost of 3-year driver’s license: ₦6,350
  • Cost of 5-year driver’s license: ₦10,450


The total cost for a new license ranges from ₦16,000 to ₦20,000

Please note that the above drivers license cost is the official rate from FRSC and may not reflect the total of money people may pay on site. There might emerge some extra charges but the amount shouldn’t exceed ₦2,000.

2. Cost of vehicle licence renewal in Lagos

Once again, we must say the following price is the official rate published by the authority while the real bill may be higher. But why do we choose Lagos here?

Named Centre of Excellence, Lagos is the model for all regions and cities to follow. With the introduction of separate MVAA (Motorized Vehicles Administration Agency), almost all procedures related to drivers and vehicles registration here are more straightforward. The cost of vehicle licence renewal in Lagos is also closest to announced rate.

  • Cost to renew expired drivers license: ₦6,350 for a 3-year license
  • Provisional driving licence cost/ Learners permit: ₦50
  • Riders card: ₦800


You’d better know how to register online and finish the application at the office

When applying for Nigeria drivers license renewal, you will be asked to take a short test about traffic rules and regulations at the Vehicle Inspection Service. The test fee is ₦2,200.

Moreover, the cost to replace lost driving license is similar to the renewal process.

3. How much is international drivers license in Nigeria

After you’ve grabbed a national driving license, you can apply for an international drivers license in Nigeria. The international drivers license cost varies, depending on types of permit you want as below:

  • 1-year license: $39.99 (~₦14,500)
  • 2-year license: $54.99 (~₦20,000)
  • 3-year license: $69.99 (~₦25,500)


You must have a national driving license before applying for the international

To know exactly what you need to do to get one, please refer to our post How to apply for international drivers license Nigeria with detailed instructions.

4. Drivers license fraud – a necessary evil of Nigerians?

If you pay attention to the published rate above from FRSC, you can easily calculate how much driver license cost on paper. The total fee for a 3-year license is around ₦16,000 while a 5-year license costs approximately ₦20,000, covering all the tests and certificate. However, some people have paid an equal amount of money for the license only.

How much Nigerian drivers had paid for their licenses!

In Nigeria, there are 3 ways you can choose to have your driver’s license which are:

  • Enduring the strenuous task of applying for a new driver’s license at FRSC offices
  • Negotiating with express license “agents” to get everything done at a high price
  • Sealing a deal with fake license makers with much less money

Of course, the majority don’t dare to drive around with fake driving licenses. Nor do they have enough time and patience to compete stamina with FRSC officers. So, the second method is surely the most favored though the cost they have to pay is beyond one’s expectations.

According to a reporter from the Premium Times who has disguised as a driver license applicant, he was offered 2 options by an express service: ₦25,000 for 3 years and ₦35,000 for 5 years. And here are details he shared during his exposure to the “agents.”

First, an agent he met at Ikeja bus stop introduced him to Chiamaka – a woman operating right at the entrance of Police College in Ikeja. Chiamaka offered 2 abovementioned packages and assured the original license would be delivered after 2 weeks.

Just wow! A normal process took us 60 days or even years! One of my friends shared his mother had waited for her official driving license for 4 years and the latest time she checked, the officer reported it’s still unavailable yet.


Agents operating at the Police College entrance (Source: The Premium Times)

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Back to the main story, Chiamaka showed the disguised reporter several licenses of other clients to prove their services are genuine. They even don’t need clients to provide anything related to their personal documents or driving skills. Everything will be fake from the beginning to nearly end, except a real driver’s license.

Leaving Chiamaka, the reporter continued his trip to meet another agent named Evangelist Dan. Dan was truly a household name in the region who took pride in handling every process with FRSC, VIO or MVAA faster than anyone else. Similar to Chiamaka’s service, Dan ensured to cover all the legitimate requirements from the driving school certificate to settlement for officers.

However, the price Dan offered was a bit lower: ₦23,000 for 3 years and ₦26,000 for 5 years. Accordingly, the time for an original license to be issued would be longer – 26 working days.

Besides Chiamaka and Dan, there are so many other agents out there available for a quick application process. 99% of them would assure you don’t need to attend a driving school or even present at FRSC offices. You will automatically pass the VIO test if you go through their services and most importantly, your driver’s license is delivered before due: 26 working days or even shorter.


₦23,000 for a license after 1 month, will you?

Clearly, many Nigerians are aware of these tricks and frauds but they still go for it. Why? As they have no other choice if they want their licenses to be issued on time. They are scared of what they may suffer if confronting the government procedures, so they’d rather pay more to get things done in peace.

5. Last remarks

Shocking statistics of road accidents in Nigeria are revealed each year whose causes are mostly the violation of road safety rules. Based on the story above, we can be quite sure a number of those drivers haven’t attended any driving lesson or really passed the VIO test.

Though we all know the “agents” can help cut down on time and sufferings for application, self-experiencing compulsory driver’s education, driving tests and requirements is necessary to ensure your own safety on roads later. Every enduring task has its own lessons and rewards, trust me!

Okay, Naijauto hopes this article on How much is drivers license in Nigeria can help, at least to some extent, before you step in the battle with your own choices.

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