How fast can a car speed in reverse gear?


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Is it possible for a car to speed while on reverse gear the way it could in a normal driving gear?

Ever thought: how fast can a car speed in reverse gear? Many action movies with car chase scenes have shown us how fast a car can go in reverse gear. The popular "fast and furious" sequel had Paul Walker (Bryan O'Connor) reversing a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo on the highway at top speed just to show off his driving skills to his female front seat partner. The question is, is it real?


Late Paul Walker reversing at high speed in a movie 

How fast can your car reverse? 

Well, I am sorry to break to you that it's all lies. Cars have a dedicated gear to reverse, and this gear is just one. This means that while you are reversing in a car whether manual/automatic transmission, the car can't go beyond a certain speed that varies between 20-30 mph depending on the size of gear of the particular car. If you know the tips on how to reverse safely, then you would know why it is unsafe to reverse at high speeds. 


Most people wrongly put their head out of the car while reversing 

Car manufacturers know that driving in reverse activates a lot of blind spots and it is best to drive slowly just so that the driver can manage all the risks involved.

Why is it unsafe to reverse at high speeds?

There are just too many obstructions when reversing ; 

1. The rear seats and passengers get in the way

2. Most car rear don't slope down like the front, so it's always bad outward visibility when reversing    

3. Humans don't have eyes at the back of the head, so all three mirrors must be used simultaneously and this reduces the precision of movement.


All you need to reverse perfectly

4. It is very difficult to drive around bends in reverse gear even at low speeds because of weight distribution on the car and also the fact that drivers can't have an accurate judgment of the bend. 

Though, there are some electric cars that have been made to reverse at high speeds after some modifications. The video below ill help you understand more.

How fast you can go in reverse 

Is there any special car that can reverse at high speed?

Yes, electric cars have the potential to reverse at high speeds because they don't use a transmission. They use electric motors with only one-speed ratio. This means that in reverse gear, an electric car is able to go as fast at it would in drive gear but electric car manufacturers controlled this. They make sure the cars have a reverse limit also in the range of 20-35 mph because it is unsafe. In 2018, Mercedes-Benz G65 was recalled for reversing at high speeds. The reason for this malfunction will surprise you. 

What cars have reversed at high speeds?

In 2013, a stunt drive by the name Terry Green drove a Nissan Leaf for 1 mile at an average speed of 55 mph on a race track. Note that this car is electric, so the reverse speed limiter was taken out for the purpose of this record-setting. 


A Nissan leaf doing an amazing reverse performance 

A regular Nissan Leaf can only go a maximum of 25 mph in reverse. Even in supercars like the Koenigsegg Regera with the direct-drive transmission (only on driving gear), the car still cannot go above 30 mph in reverse because while reversing, only the wheel shaft electric motors propel the car. Is driving backward at high speeds part of the reasons your car vibrates when you apply the reverse gear?


Now that you know that it is impossible to go at high speeds with the reverse gear, you can stop fantasizing about your stunt car driver abilities on reverse gear. It is unsafe and shouldn't be a thing to experiment with.  
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