4 Common hidden car accident injuries you should know about


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These are some very serious car accident injuries that may go unnoticed but can be just as dangerous. Let's find them out together!!!


Crashes and accidents are not the kinds of events that anyone enjoys or prays for at any time. Yes! No one ever wants to be involved in an accident as the physical, psychological and financial consequences are always very expensive. Unfortunately, these events are a general occurrence and can happen even when one is super careful. Yes! You can be super careful but some other crazy road user isn't and might just force you into an accident situation that is out of your control.

When accidents and vehicular crash occur, injuries are some of the most obvious consequences of this kind of event. Depending on the severity and complexity of the crash, injuries sustained by the crash victims might be severe and very visible, while in other cases the injuries are hidden.

Have you ever heard testimonies of accident victims testifying how they came out of a serious car accident with just a few scratch? Unfortunately, this is not always the case as some injuries might not be very obvious or even noticed but will begin to manifest much later and if left untreated, they can become life-threatening. Thus, this article seeks to highlight some of these hidden car accident injuries that are not always very conspicuous but can be very serious if not noticed and managed accordingly.

Common hidden car accident injuries you should never ignore

1. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

This one of the most hidden and unnoticed post-accident "injuries" a victim may suffer. Unfortunately, this is one of the most ignored and untreated consequences of an accident, be it a minor or major one. The truth remains that people react differently to traumatic events they were involved in or witnessed. Some are wired in a way that allows them to easily get over such events within a short time limit while for others, it becomes more of a serious struggle to get over such events. 

That is why some persons may continually experience unexpected highs and lows in their mood, post-accident. Others may in some instances develop a complete phobia for driving altogether, while others may show behaviours that highlight deep psychological injuries.

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As much as our society does not really acknowledge the severity of this kind of injury, it does not eliminate the fact that it is a common hidden injury that most persons suffer after a crash. If you begin to notice those unexpected mood swings and funny phobia, then it's time you visited a hospital for a check-up. You may just be suffering from a hidden car accident injury that could completely alter the quality of life you live if left unhandled.

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2. Bulging or swollen abdomen

Unfortunately, this is a very common injury that doesn't really announce itself immediately at the accident scene. Sometimes, it takes days to show up. The truth is, the lower body is one area of the body that are prone to serious internal injuries in the event of a serious crash. That is one area of our body with a lot of vital organs and an injury to either of these may result in an internal haemorrhage or what we call internal bleeding. 

Unfortunately, the evidence of internal bleeding may not become initially obvious for days after an accident depending on the severity of the internal trauma. So when you begin to notice swellings in your abdominal area, this could be evidence of internal bleeding and it is advised that you visit the hospital immediately you notice this. Unfortunately, this condition can be very life-threatening if ignored and left unmanaged. 


A bulging abdomen is a good indicator of internal bleeding

When we say life-threatening we mean that the situation can actually kill you if you vote to ignore it. When you bleed internally, you are losing blood your system needs to function optimally. If this situation continues without being arrested, it will get to a point where your body just shuts down with a very obvious result. So when you notice a continuously growing bulge or swelling, please consult your doctor immediately.

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3. Pain and Numbness 

Some injuries may go unnoticed after an accident and only becomes obvious much later. These internal injuries usually become evident from the pain and numbness felt by the victims. These hidden injuries could be related to a herniated disc, or a damaged vertebra, ligament or muscle. This kind of hidden injury may affect some part of the body and result in pain. 

So accident victims might notice a growing pain in the neck and shoulder area or gradually increasing pain in the lower back area as well as a growing numbness or weakness of the hands and legs a few days or weeks after an accident.

So when you notice this kind of pain, especially after you were involved in an accident, please visit a hospital or consult your doctor immediately to ascertain the true situation and proffer a possible solution. Please do not ignore it as it might degenerate into a severe and non-manageable situation or one that will severely hamper the quality of life you live.


Lower back pain is a common hidden accident injury

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4. Headaches

This is one of the most common hidden car accident injuries that can be very serious and may even be life-threatening. A headache can be an indicator of a possible Brain Trauma. The medical people call this condition Traumatic Brain Injuries TBI. This kind of injury might occur when the brain crashes into the walls of the skull. This can result in an injury to some part of the brain depending on the severity of the trauma. In mild cases, no trauma may result. However, in extreme cases, severe trauma may occur, resulting in a brain haemorrhage. 

And we already know how dangerous brain haemorrhage can be as it can result in a stroke or death in the long run if not managed. So, if you notice headaches after being involved in an accident even if it shows up days after, please do not ignore them and just take paracetamol or panadol. It will be in your best interest to visit a hospital or be checked out by your doctor for Traumatic Brain Injuries TBI. 


Please do not ignore post-accident headaches


These are some of the most common and most highly ignored hidden car accident injuries and conditions that can pose very serious health issues and may likely be life-threatening if left unchecked. Remember that some of these injuries do not display obvious symptoms immediately but may take a few days after the accident before they become obvious. So, make sure you pay more than the usual attention to your body for days and even weeks after an accident even if you visited a hospital after the incident. 

If you begin to suffer from mood swings and crazy psychological issues after an accident, please make sure you visit the hospital for proper diagnosis and treatment. Remember, one of the fastest routes to healing is being open about how you feel about the accident. So, try to speak to someone you trust and you will likely be on your way to full recovery.

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