How much does it cost to board a ferry in Lagos?

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Are you in Lagos for the very first time? You're probably thinking of taking a ferry to your destinations. See prices of ferry in Lagos for all destinations here!

Boarding a ferry might be your saving grace in a densely populated state like Lagos. In order to get to your destiny faster, you might need to use these ferries owned by private individual, state or private agencies. Prices may vary especially in the kind of area you are boarding it. Lagos has coastal advantage unlike many states in Nigeria and sea has become an effective and faster alternative to the ever-busy roads filled with endless vehicles like ocean. Depending on the kind of ferry you want to take, you might want to pay for expensive ones such as highly motorized engine that will take to your destination in much better comfort and speed.

Lagosians are aware of this sea advantage and resorted to taking it every day to their destination. If you are new to Lagos and you are wondering how much it cost to board a ferry in Lagos, do not worry, we have got your back. Naijauto using several sources has come up with the price list of ferry in Lagos to almost all destinations.


Taking ferry in Lagos has proven to be an effective means of commuting with less stress

Ferry cost in Lagos

To commute freely within Lagos on sea using ferry, below is the pricelist of many destinations which might vary on engine type and size of the ferry:

Price list of ferry in Lagos
            Destinations (Lagos)               Duration                           Price(s) in Naira        
                   Marina-Apapa              7 Minutes                    ₦150
          Ikorodu-Victoria Island              30 Minutes                    ₦500
     Ikoyi(Fed.Secretariat)-ikorodu              25 Minutes                    ₦500
                 Ikorodu-Marina              25 Minutes                    ₦700
                 Ikorodu-Oyingbo              30 Minutes                    ₦500
                 Marina-Oyingbo              6 Minutes                    ₦500
                 Marina-Ebute Ero              3 minutes                    ₦350
     Marina-Ikoyi( Fed.Secretariat)              20 Minutes                    ₦500
                 Marina-Lekki              30 Minutes                    ₦700
                 Bayon-Marina              30 Minutes               ₦100-₦200
              Marina-Takwa Bay              20 Minutes               ₦100-₦200
              Marina-Sabo Koji              10 Minutes                    ₦100
              Marina-Badagry              45 Minutes                   ₦1000
                   Marina-Ojo              30 Minutes                   ₦1000
                Marina-Mile 2              45 Minutes                   ₦1000
              Ikorodu-Apapa               25 Minutes                   ₦700
                 Marina-Ofin              30 Minutes                   ₦1000
             Ebute Ero-Epe                 1 Hour                   ₦1300
             Ofin-Badagry              35 Minutes                   ₦1000

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Finally, we have come to understand that the ferry venture would generate more income for the government if properly monitored and invested in. More ferries on the sea mean reduced fare and better services rendered because of more competition.

Ferry, an effective alternative to Lagos road traffic

>>> When taking ferry, remember to stay safe and come to Naijauto for more market news.

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