Fear traveling by public transport? What to do to not being kidnapped?


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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Are you still scared of taking public transport especially when you are embarking on a long journey? You need to read this article on simple tips of being safe and make sure you won't be kidnapped on the way. Check inside!

Traveling to long distance by public transport could be very challenging especially towards the end and beginning of every year. It is proper to have doubts especially when you are not used to it and that might make you fidget when you get to overcrowded Motor Park. You fear for your safety and the safety of your belonging still thinking about the journey that lies ahead. Worry less, Naijauto has a perfect solution for you that will guarantee flawless and hitch free trip to your destination.

7 safety travel guides in a public transport

Travel by bus in popular park

For your safety, do not stand at the road side waiting for cheaper bus to convey you to your destination. Many people have fallen victims of ritual, kidnap and extortion just because they think it deem fit not to through registered motor parks. Sometimes we find ourselves in this unavoidable situation. Make sure you limit it to the barest minimum if possible. Your safety is more valuable than little reduction in fare.

Always be at alert

It is very vital for your safety to always be on the lookout for anything suspicious. Do not mix keen observation with being paranoid. Study the other passengers critically in the car and if you feel your safety is under threat, take another bus.

Update close ones about your whereabouts

Letting family members and trusted friends know your whereabouts is also an important tip you should know whenever you are embarking on a long journey, not only in commercial bus but other modes of transportation. To do this, always update them about every stop and every area you get to.

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Avoid long sleep

One thing you do not want to do is to sleep in a public transport the way you sleep comfortable in your comfy bed at home. Since its important you take landmark and also keep your eyes open in any case of any bad incidence. Make sure you have enough sleep before you embark on any long journey. Be watchful as the journey progresses.

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Avoid traveling with many valuables

You never know what might happen along the journey. Carrying expensive phones, jewelries and other valuables is a big risk that you should avoid if possible. One thing that is common among Nigerians is flaunting their expensive phones in a public transport. It is not a safe habit. Travel light and simple except it is absolutely necessary.

Do not play hero card

It is really soothing when you watch it in movies but do not act it in real life. It is not being timid but acting smart in protecting more valuable thing which is life. When you play hero in a robbery attack while traveling, you do not only endanger your life but lives of other passengers as well. Cooperate with them as possible and let them cart those items you will replace in no time.

Always travel with ID card

As small as it might look like, do not let your mind skip it by dropping it at home. You never know when this means of identification will come handy. In any case of mishap during the journey, it will be used to identify the victim and to contact the family if necessary. These forms of identification include your voters ‘card, driver license, national ID card or even your international passport.


Avoid carrying too much valuables when traveling by public transport

Finally, one trick to also feel safe when travelling is taking a quick look at the condition of the bus. You may not probably know about the engine or other internal components but exterior components such as condition of the tires, headlight, side mirrors and windshield should give an assurance before embarking on your long trip from any popular motor park.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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