Study reveals fast music makes motorists to drive more dangerously


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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Do you play music whenever you're behind the wheels? A study has shown how fast music affects the driving performance of motorists. Check it out?

We are exposed to music each day, fast or slow. Music has been described as a form of expression and a source of stress relief. However, a recent study has revealed that music that produces a higher number of beats in a minute affects the driving ability of motorists negatively.

As reported by Naijauto, research conducted at South China University of Technology (SCUT) suggests that listening to fast music while driving on the road can make drivers drive more dangerously.

Based on the experiment carried out by the researchers, a music that has a high tempo, say more than 120 beats per minute is likely to spur unsteady driving.


Music that has a high tempo, say more than 120 beats per minute is likely to spur unsteady driving

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During the experiment, the participants were asked to sit in a driving simulator. There, they had to drive on a highway for 20 minutes while playing one music genre or none at all. Under the 20 minutes session, the participants changed lanes 70 times. However, it raised to 140 times when they started playing fast rock music. Again, and this genre of music goaded them to drive about 5 miles per hour above the speed limit.

The study's lead researcher, Qiang Zeng, said,

"The findings are useful for the development of effective driver education strategies — in particular, a publicity programme that could enhance public awareness of the negative impact of music listening on driving performance."

Drivers were told to ensure the music they play while driving is below 120 bpm.

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