9 tested & trusted expressway driving safety rules


Posted by: Joshua-Philip Okeafor

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Do you know how to handle your car well on the expressway? Driving on the expressway takes special skills that can be learnt. Check below 9 trusted rules by Naijauto experienced drivers!

Many accidents that have occurred are mostly on the expressways, and this is because the expressways are free and wide. Compare it to street driving that requires some limitation in speed. Inasmuch as you may be enjoying the high speed and showcasing your driving ability, it can be easy for one to become painfully involved in an auto accident if you are not careful.

There are lots of experts who can hit the expressways anytime; however there are other drivers who are scared to drive on the expressways because of the fear of speed. Driving on the highway is not really that scary provided you maintain the rules and bear certain safety and precautionary measures in mind.

Here are 9 rules brought your way by Naijauto.com to keep in mind to drive safely on the expressways.

1. Check the state of your car

Before you hit the expressways, it is very important that you check the state of your car. You don't want to risk putting a vehicle in bad condition on the expressway. Check your car's brakes, lights, steering, transmission, and all other essentials. Make sure all are performing properly: you don't want to be on the expressways only to notice that your brake is faulty. Prior to hitting the road, take your car to the auto-mechanic for proper servicing.


Expressways take you quicker to your destination, but be careful when on them

Don't forget to check your tire. Make sure your car is not under inflated or over inflated. A tire that is not properly inflated will lump out due to the weight of your car. It bounces up and down when you drive at high speed. When it's over-heated, it weakens and burst. Also make sure your tires are at the manufacturer recommended tire pressure.

2. Stay away from heavy vehicles

This doesn't mean that you should park to let every truck pass but instead, don't try to overtake them without warning. When a truck or a long lorry is coming at high speed, don't be silly by challenging it to a race. There are reasons they are designed that way. Moreover, you never can tell when they have a fault in their brakes, so be careful.


It is just common sense to be way of large vehicles

3. Mind your speed

It's always fun and refreshing to feel the wind on your face while you are belting down the expressway. However keep in mind that you must not overdo the speed. Also bear in mind that snail pace is not good either. There are speed limits for local/street driving and expressway driving; obey each one and adhere.

4. Signal before overtaking

We are mentioning this again but this time it's not specifically for overtaking big trucks or lorry. You should always signal by using your horn before overtaking any vehicle. Don't be lost in thought or too forgetful to do this. Horning before overtaking a car informs the other driver that there is an incoming vehicle behind it. This helps them to position their car for you to pass, and so you do not overtake them by surprise. This simple act has caused some drivers their lives just for ignoring it.


Signalling protects you and the drivers around you, so do it every time

5. Don't forget blind spot

Always check your blind spot and mirrors before changing lanes and to check if someone is crossing the road too. You should try to keep a long distance so that you can see the vehicles and people in the exterior and rear mirrors. Also, try to stay out of other drivers blind spots too.

6. Observe road signs

Road signs are there to inform you of the road conditions at every point. Obeying them can save your life always.


A road sign is like an advance scout, checking the route ahead for you

>>> If you're not confident about your road sign knowledge: Road signs in Nigeria - everything you need to know

7. Avoid lane changing

You should always stay on the right lane when you are on the expressway. The left lane is meant for passing. If you don't want to pass, don't stay in the left lane as it frustrates and confuses other drivers. Also don't unnecessarily change lane when it's not needed.

8. Slow down on rainy day

On a rainy day, don't drive too fast on the expressway. You should decrease your speed to better have traction which helps the tires to reach the surface well. Ensure that your tires have proper ground contact and avoid hydroplaning.


Driving on the expressway in the rain is one of the most risky kinds of driving

9. Never stop unnecessarily

You shouldn't stop your car abruptly without A signal, warning or trying to slow down first. Stopping your car in such a manner can panic the cars behind yours, leading to an accident. In a state of emergency, you should turn on your hazard lights. Then pull over as fast and carefully as you can.

>>> Stay safe with the best safety driving advice online at Naijauto.com

Joshua-Philip Okeafor
Joshua-Philip Okeafor

Joshua-Philip Okeafor

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