Why you should not be eating in your car

By Kennedy Ilediagu
Publish on May 10, 2019

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Eating in your car causes more harm than good, and you're likely going to spend a lot fixing the problem it would cause. Before you say anything else, here is why eating in your car isn't such a good thing to do. Some you may have never thought of.

The average Nigerian driver lives a very busy life. They try to combine a nine-to-five job, with daily school run, getting items from the market, running a business and also having some fun. At the end of the day, they end up multitasking and getting some things wrong. One of the those "things" is eating in your car.

Some people might argue that cars even come with cup holders so there's nothing wrong with it. But you pretty much know that the feature is to hold the cup or bottle and not serve as an alternate dining table. Eating in your car causes more harm than good, and you're likely going to spend a lot fixing the problem it would cause. Before you say anything else, here is why eating in your car isn't such a good thing to do, explained by Naijauto.com!

1. Eating in your car is a traffic offence

Okay don't panic yet. Eating in your car (while driving) is a traffic offence. Although people rarely get penalised for that, but it's actually in the traffic laws code book of the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC). This is considered an offence because it puts the life of every other road user at risk. You could choke while eating and driving, you could get intoxicated or even distracted. Within the few seconds you try to take that gulp and get your eyes back on the road, an accident can happen. Therefore, don't eat while driving.


Think twice before you want to eat something in your car!

2. Eating in your car is biohazardous

Being biohazardous simply means it would pose a threat to the life. With the way a car is designed, everything is literally crammed together, and just a tiny space is available for legroom. When eating and particles or even a huge chunk of your food falls in these tight spaces, your adult hand might not be able to reach through and clean or pick the food up. Now that rogue food particle remains in that area for days and weeks. After a while, bacteria and fungi acts on them. Anyone getting into that vehicle after that can contract a disease without knowing. In little or no time, you car will become a biohazardous trap.

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3. Eating in your car ruins the air

Materials used in making car seats and other parts of the interior are usually soft. Hence, they soak up any fluid and even smell. Unlike dining tables that are easy to wipe and polish, your car will likely soak up the food remnants. This causes an unpleasant smell that lingers almost forever. At the end of the day you may end up spending a fortune cleaning the seats, carpets and handles, or even changing the fabric entirely.


Eating in car also reduces your car resale value

4. Eating in your car makes it difficult for it to get sold

If you're in the habit of eating in your car, keep in mind that the vehicle ends up looking more pristine than it actually is. When you're in distress and need to sell your car, it brings down the value. Nobody would want to pay millions of naira for a car with biscuit remnants, palm oil stains, smell of rotten fish and so on.

5. Eating in your car is a bad habit

Just thought to end with this point. There's a reason your car moves and your dining table doesn't. Do not switch their roles. You need to sit comfortably to savour your meal, and a car doesn't provide such luxury.

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