What you should do when driving through a heatwave in Nigeria


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The weather is so hot right now in Nigeria and it could make driving more frustrating. Here are some tips to note while driving through a heat wave in Nigeria this season!

The heat in the country has been out of this world lately, and we cannot overlook its effect on not only humans but, on vehicles.

Knowing how to manage while driving through a heat wave in Nigeria will not only protect your well being but also save you a lot of money for car repairs later. Check handy tips below!

1. Keep it cool!

You know how it feels when you hop in your car in the afternoon, hoping to get out of the heat into a cool place and find out your air conditioner is not working? That could break your heart. This is the reason you should always check your air conditioner if it is working. Of everything, what must be working during this heat wave is your air conditioner.

How will one survive the traffic with no AC in this heat? So the first thing to check and make sure is working intact is your air conditioner.


Maintain your air-conditioner to make sure it works perfectly during heat wave

>>> In case your AC just runs out of gas, don't pay to get your car air conditioner recharged!

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2. Grab your sunglasses!

Most people might think you are just trying to be fashionable with your sunglasses, but you are simply trying to make sure the sun is not obstructing your sight while you drive during the heat wave.

Sunshades are not really expensive and you can get them almost everywhere anyway, so you don't really need to get a designer shade or something really expensive. Just get something that would protect your eyes and do the job of keeping your eyes safe and without obstruction from sunlight. So having shades while you drive in this heat wave will come in handy.


Wearing sunshades is not only fashionable but also beneficial in the summer

3. Check your car engine & battery regularly

Most times you might not feel the need to check your battery during the heat because you don’t think the heat would affect your battery. You thought wrong.

The heat wave can actually affect your battery by evaporating the battery fluids which would lead to corrosion on terminals and connections. You would need to clean any corrosive build up from the battery terminals and cable clamps, and also make sure the clamps are tight enough. Also, make sure your battery is not more than 3 years old. If it is, then you might have to take it to a technician to test it and determine how much longer it can last just to keep you on the safer side.

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4. Make sure your engine is cool

Your car engine is working extra hard during the heat, and it is the job of the cooling system to protect the engine from overheating. So you need to maintain the cooling system of your engine to avoid engine damage or overheating. You might need to check your engine coolant in time to know when it is time to change it. You can always ask your trusted mechanic for that.

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Try to keep your engine cool during heatwave, it's the heart of your car!

5. Make sure your tyres are not over-inflated

When driving during a heat wave, make sure your tyres are properly pumped and at the gauged right. Over-inflated tires not only affects the braking of a vehicle but also causes the tire to blowout. This is because the air inside your tyres expands a lot in hot weather.

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Don’t forget also, that you need to park your car under a shade to keep it cool for when next you would be driving it. Do not keep your windows open or slightly open to avoid making your car an easy target for thieves.

That's all the tips Naijauto experienced drivers advise when you drive through a heat wave in Nigeria. Hope you can apply them all to protect your family as well as your four-wheeled friend!

>>> Do come back to check for more Safe driving tips on Naijauto.com!

Chuchu Ikazoboh




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