These are 5 things driving shcools are teaching you wrong


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Driving school is now mandatory in Nigeria but there are some things that they teach that you don't need as a driver. Are you ready to unlearn these wrong practices? Dive in!

50 percent of drivers in Nigeria today went to a driving school after efforts made by the Nigerian government made some years back when it made it compulsory that every driver has a driving school certificate before obtaining the driver's license. This means that after you finish learning how to drive from whoever, you still have to enroll in a driving school before you can apply successfully for a National Driver's License in Nigeria.

A lot of us underrate the essence of driving school for road users. This gives reason to a lot of crazy things being done in cars, allowing many accidents to occur out of ignorance. There are a lot of basics to be learnt before you put any car on the road and this is what a driving school is meant to teach you.


Teachers just do their best, they can't teach you all

Yes, the driving school is important but still, there are a couple of things you learnt that should be unlearnt because it is just unnecessary. I know you are shocked that there are five things you need to unlearn from driving school but yeah, that is life for you. Always shocking. So here are 5 things that drivings are teaching you wrong.

5 things you need to unlearn from driving school!

1. Pulling handbrakes

Are you not tired of pulling handbrakes whenever you put your car in the park gear? Have you forgotten that you bought an automatic transmission car with a park gear to relieve you of this stress?


Aren't you tired of doing this every time? please pull it only when necessary

You don't have to pull your hand brake anytime you put your car in 'park' except you are parking on a hill, somewhere you feel another car can collide with your car and somewhere your car can be stolen/towed away.

2. Don't flash other road users

Your driving instructor probably told you never to flash other road users while you are driving to avoid distracting them except you want other vehicles to be aware you are approaching.


You can use your flash for whatever, as long as it doesn't put anyone at risk

This is totally wrong because you can use your flash anytime. During the day you can flash other road users to let them know you have given them the way.

You can also flash other road users to say 'thank you' or just to alert other drivers that something is wrong.

3. Feeding the wheel

I know your driving instructor told you that to turn the steering, you must do the push and pull method at the 9 and 3 positions otherwise known as feeding the wheel.

There are times where you just have to turn slightly to maintain a correct driving around sharp bends and feeding the wheel won't make this easy for you. Sometimes, you have to use one hand to turn very fast to maneuver properly in an emergency.


It is not all the times you need 2 hands to steer, manual cars would show you that

Be flexible with how you turn your steering. Feed when you have to feed and lock your arms when you have to lock your arms on the wheel.

4. Speeding is bad

Speed kills we know but going slow when you are meant to be speeding also kills. Many of you after graduating from driving schools get onto expressways just to drive very slowly.


Going slow within that white circle will expose other road users to an accident 

This is dangerous because every other driver is going fast and there is a high probability that you are about to cause an accident when you are driving slow. The faster you go when every other driver is going fast, the safer for you.

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5. Checking the speedometer all the time 

Most driving school instructors don't tell their students to multi-task while driving. They only talk about how you should never drive above the speed limit of the area you are driving. This now makes learner drivers keep staring at the speedometer to avoid over speeding.


You have to learn multi-tasking as a driver

Staring at the speedometer distracts you as a driver and turns your goodwill to a disaster when you crash your car.


Many of our teachers say it openly that teachers teach students basics while students are meant to learn the totality of the course with personal studying and research.

It is the same with learning to drive. As a new driver, you should also go over the highway code from page one till the end for theoretical knowledge you can apply to your daily driving in Nigeria. And the above are just a few things driving schools are teaching you wrong; there might be more findings that can be learned between your drives but just one thing to remember: take time and be a better driver every day!

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