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We're sure that a whole lot of people search for info on driving schools in Ajah, that's why we are compiling a list of the driving schools in this area, their addresses, courses offers and the prices of their training.

Who remembers being shouted on by some distant uncle who your dad asked to teach you how to drive a car. I'm sure a whole lot of people out there will connect so well with this picture, i am guessing you're playing out this picture in your head by now. Well, that's then because the law now requires you learn to drive a car officially from a government accredited driving school. Currently, there are several driving schools everywhere across the country, but this article by will concentrate on top 5 driving schools in Ajah. We're sure that a whole lot of people search for this information daily, that's why we are compiling a list of the driving schools in this area, their addresses, courses offers and the prices of their training.

1. D1 Driving School 

First up is D1 driving school - a government approved driving school which offers some of the best driving school services around Ajah. The school says its instructors and staff are trained to be professional as well as courteous when you visit them at their office. They offer services to government agencies, local businesses and individuals. Their services include Defensive driving courses, Behind the wheel training and classroom driver education. 

1.1. D1 Driving school Courses & Prices

  • Beginners Driving Lesson (₦47,000)

This course consists of 20 lessons that are carefully planned to offers beginners the best possible training to make them proficient and confident drivers who will easily ace their VIO road test. This training module includes lessons for Mirrors and blind spot acquainting, Road Positioning, driving around roundabouts and junctions, Safety Checks, Cockpit drill etc. This training goes for a fee of N47,000 with extra cost that may come up regarding driviers license duration.

  • Lapsed Learners Training (₦37,000)

This course is mainly for learners who want to restart their driving lessons after discontinuing their previous training before completing the course outline. This course consist of 15 lessons that help you gain back your confidence and build your road skills. This course has a training fee of N37,000.

  • Tailor made Refreshers Training (Contact for details)

This course is generally for a classes of drivers who want to improve their driving skills or are interested in a specific facets of driving. The lessons in this training covers areas like Reversing, Basic use of clutch, Parallel parking, Overtaking, Defensive driving, 

  • Weekend Crash Course (₦31,000)

This course is run only in the weekend specifically on saturdays, so favor candidates who are super busy during the week. The course is run only on saturdays so you have sunday to your self. It is a very convenient training module if you are a working class person and will only be free in the weekends. The training goes for as much as N31,000.

D1 Driving School Courses and Prices  
 Course Duration  Price
 Beginners Driving Lessons (4 Weeks) 4 weeks  ₦47,000
 Lapsed Learners Training (3 Weeks) 3 weeks  ₦37,000
 Tailor made Refreshers Training Contact D1 Driving school Contact D1 Driving School
 Weekend Crash Course (5 Weeks- Saturdays only) 5 weeks - Saturdays only ₦31,000

1.2. Reviews of D1 driving school in Ajah

To help you have a better view of teaching quality in D1 driving school in Ajah, we collect here some of its learners' reviews. Check them below!

Ifejesu Ajibewa:

Amazing service at D1 driving school. It’s a friendly place and helps in building confidence while driving and to know your rights. So if you want to be confident while driving and learn in a friendly environment, then D1 is the best place to be. Believe me you won’t regret it.

Andy Abur:

Completed my lessons today, and am very satisfied! I highly recommend D1 Driving school to all interested in wanting to learn how to drive!

Sandra Francis:

They didn't tell me it was like a subscription plan, I started my driving lessons which was supposed to be for 20 days but I did the indoor prstucpr for 10 days before going to camp only to come back to continue and they told me it's impossible to continue cos my time had expired and I was confused I wasn't told this when registering and the boss is so rude and decided not to take my calls anymore. I only went on the road one day and was been embarrassed by taskforce or local government people that the school owe them some money and I didn't drive up to 30 minutes and my tutor said I was done for the day and that's all.

From the last review, you had better check with the school carefully before paying, like what's included in the package and in case of problems, how long will the course expire, etc.

1.3. D1 Driving school Contact

  • Address: D1 Driving School, Ajah shopping mall beside Wema bank Ilaje, Ajah, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Email:
  • Phone: +2348038281752
  • Website:

2. Gamgreens Driving School 

Gamgreens driving school is another professional outfit that offers some of the best driving experienece to their student. It is a fully registered firm with government aprroval to offer driving training to citizens. Have a look at the courses they offer and their respective prices.

2.1. Gamgreens Driving school Courses & Prices

  • Basic Driving Training for Beginners (₦40,000)

This courses is mainly for beginners and newbies to car driving. It is a comprehensive program to expose newbies to the basics of driving including lessons on defensive driving, personal safety, road rage management etc. This course is run for one month after which the candidate will recieve an e-certificate.


D1 Driving school offers some of the most comprehensive driving training around

  • Defensive Driving and Hazard Perception Training for Corporate Organizations (₦50,000)

This training program is run two days only and is designed for corporate bodies and organisations who want to have their drivers trained on hazard perception and defensive driving.

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  • Trailer Driving Training (₦110,000)

This course is targeted at haulage companies or individuals who want to be proficient in tanker and truck drivering. Gamgreens requires that each intending candidate must already be proficient in driving of manual cars (light vehicles).

NOTE: The company also requires atleast 5 candidates to be registered for this course before performing this training due to cost of logistics involved.

Gamgreen Driving School Courses and Prices  
Course Duration


 Basic Driving Training for Beginners 4 weeks  ₦40,000
 Defensive Driving and Hazard Perception Training for Corporate Organizations 2 days  ₦50,000
 Trailer Driving Training 4 weeks  ₦110,000

2.2. Reviews of Gamgreens Driving school in Ajah

Below are some reviews from Google users when they learn driving courses at Gramgreens. Almost all reviews give positive feedback on the instructors' detail-orientedness.

Babajide Adesugba

Very good services, instructors are pleasant and professional. I would definitely recommend this driving school to anyone.

Johnson Sinclaire

I had a very nice experience,training with Gamgreens driving school...they are real professionals at what they do. I can tell you for a fact that i am an expert driver now. 'gamgreens you guys are the was like i was training Nigeria,what a prolific experience i got. thanks to you guys...the Gamgreens driving school team.

2.3. Gamgreens Driving school contact

  • Address: Gamgreens Driving School, Suite D242 Road 1, Ikota Shopping Complex, VGC, Lagos
  • Email:
  • Telephone: +2349095322623
  • Website:

3. I-Drive Smart Nigeria

I-Drive smart offers a unique brand of driving training with emphasis on security. It is a government approved firm incorporated in 2013 by a team of security personnels and experience professional drivers to offer professional security driving training to the general public. Their vision is to train people to acquire professional driving skills.

3.1. I-Drive Smart Nigeria Courses & Prices

  • Defensive Driving Course (₦40,000 - ₦65,000)

This course is aimed at beginners as well as for experienced professional drivers who want to be proficient in defensive driving. This programs trains candidates on the best and safety driving strategies, including lessons on risk and hazard identification, anticipation of risk and hazards on the road and safe decision making.

  • Security Convoy/Evasive Driving Course (120,000)

This training is mainly for companies and corporate organizations who want to train their drivers on security awareness driving. This course is designed to help candidates handle security threats encountered on the road with confidence and a high level of professionalism. Drivers wiill be exposed to the best techniques in handling these situations especially when responding to hijack and kidnap threats. 

  • Level 1 & 2 Executive Protection (PSO) & Security Driving Course (120,000)

This training is designed to offer expose candidates to fundamental and basic skills in executive protection in a rough and hostile environment, with specialized training for managing offering protection for government officials and VIP's who have to interact with the public on a daily basis. 

I-Drive Smart Nigeria Courses and Prices  
 Course Target learners  Price (Excluding Drivers License)
 Defensive Driving Course Beginners


Professional drivers  ₦65,000
 Security Convoy/Evasive Driving Course Corporate clients  ₦120,000
 Level 1 & 2 Executive Protection (PSO) & Security Driving Course Drivers for VIP  ₦120,000

3.2. Reviews of I-Drive Smart Nigeria in Ajah

There are not many reviews of I Drive Smart driving school online. Most of learners just vote stars for their quality which range from 4 to 5 stars.

However, we have managed to capture here some brief comments on I-Drive Smart classes on social network for your reference. All the feedbacks are highly encouraging.


Some reviews of I drive smart learners online

3.3. I-Drive Smart Nigeria Contact

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4. Heritage Driving School

Heritage Driving School is a registerd training institute incorporated in 2009 that offers specialized training for individual and corporate organizations. The firm utilizes Smart Driving teaching techniques, as well as Smart Learners training aids to assist their student get the very best out of their training, thus making them better drivers.

4.1. Heritage Driving School courses & prices

Heritage Driving School offers the following training couses with two types of vehicles (manual or automatic):

  • Defensive and Advanced Driving
  • Driving Instructor Training
  • Corporate and Fleet Driver Training
  • Assessment and Testing of Drivers
  • Drivers Recruitment Service
  • Eco-Driving Training
  Heritage Driving School Courses and Prices
 Course type  Duration Price
Manual vehicle 1 week ₦15,000
2 weeks ₦28,000
3 weeks ₦40,000
4 weeks ₦50,000
Automatic vehicle 1 week ₦12,000
2 weeks ₦24,000
3 weeks ₦34,000
4 weeks ₦40,000

The Circular below shows the prices of the various offerings by Heritage Driving School. Please know that these prices may change with time, so it will be best if you contact them for the current prices.


Price list of services at Heritage Driving school

4.2. Reviews of Heritage Driving school in Ajah

Reading through online reviews for Heritage driving school, we find that learners are not only satisfied with teaching quality here but also other related services as well. See some of those feedbacks below!

Olamide Gogo-Hassan

They offer full range of licenses and certifications for all types of road users.

Oluwakemi Akinsete

The instructors are good.

Chim chiez

Looking to renew your vehicle papers, this place will get it done under 20 minutes 


Heritage Driving schools offers classroom lessons as part of their training module

4.3. Heritage Driving School Contact

5. A1 Driving School and Motoring

When searching for experienced accredited driving schools in Nigeria, you will definitely see A1 Driving school pop out on top ranks. This is a reputed institute which offers a variety of services ranging from driving courses to driver license process. Every year, roughly 1,000 learners pass the driving test at A1 Driving schools across Nigeria.

5.1. A1 Driving school Courses & Prices

A1 is surely one of the best in the driving school business across the country. Some of its services include Driving Lessons Training and Drivers License Processing.

Driving Lessons Training

The firms offers a number of driving courses in its driving lessons training. Some of this training include:

  • Beginners Lesson (₦47,000)
  • Lapsed Learners Training (₦37,000)
  • Tailor Made Training (Contact for details)
  • Weekend Crash Lesson (₦31,000)
A1 Driving School Courses and Prices  
 Course Duration  Price
 Beginners Driving Lessons 4 weeks

No License - ₦47,000 

Plus 5-year Drivers License - ₦80,000

Plus 3 years Drivers License - ₦75,000

 Lapsed Learners Training 3 weeks

No License - ₦37,000

Plus 5-year Drivers License - ₦70,000

Plus 3-year Drivers License - ₦65,000

 Tailor made Refreshers Training Contact for details  Contact A1 Driving School
Weekend Crash Course

5 weeks

Saturdays only

No License - ₦31,000

Plus 5-year Drivers License - ₦64,000

Plus 3-year Drivers License - ₦59,000

Drivers License Processing

A1 driving assists her students in processing their Nigeria drivers licenses, as well as international driving permits. These international driving permits will be legal document individuals can tender and will be accepted as legal licenses in foreign countries.

Drivers License Processing Fees at A1 driving school
5 years Nigerian Drivers License  ₦33,000
3 years Nigerian Drivers License  ₦28,000
 International Driving Permit ₦16,500

>>> Some procedures you should be aware of:

5.2. Reviews of A1 Driving school in Ajah

You can easily find many reviews on this experienced school on the Internet. We only cite here some representatives so you can have an overview of its quality.

Edobor Susan:

A1 driving school is practically the best. All thanks to Mr. Ayo, Mr. Felix and Mr. Kayode who were patient to teach and very encouraging during the training. Thanks to A1 driving school.

Agbasi Jennifer:

A1 is the best driving school I have encountered. The instructors are very good, patient, really patient (can you see am stressing the "patience" here) . it is a virtue they all have and that made me love them specially. If you did not learn in the space of 4weeks, then something is up with you not them. Mr Ayo, Mr kayode, Mr Felix, Mr Aka, The teachers, they are the real MVPs. Thank you A1.

Maureen Amarie:

It was good experience. I learnt a lot and the Instructor was very patient with me.

5.3. A1 Driving school Contact

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6. Conclusion

There you go, above are some of the top accredited driving schools in Ajah that pass thousands of pupils every year. With attending accredited driving school compulsory to obtaining driver licence, don't hesitate to contact one of these schools to guarantee you success and safer driving. Good luck!

>>> Do come back for more useful tips and advice!

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