4 driving precautions around school areas


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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Driving around schools is a bit challenging because of the nature of children. Check out inside to ensure safety for yourself and those little road users!

The society protects the children and frowns at reckless driving around schools. You do not want to end up in jail for killing school children nor will your conscience stay clear of such guilt even if you find your way around the law. To avoid any form of mishap around school area while driving, read these simple safety tips.

How you can safely drive around schools

Naijauto has identified 4 ways you can caution yourself while on wheel around schools. But let us remind you of this golden rule first. DO NOT ever park in front of a school because you may block views of children crossing road as well as other coming vehicles. When occupying the side space for parking, you are also forcing children to walk down the main road, which is not a thoughtful act at all.

Now, let's come to practical driving tips around school zone!

1. Avoid over-speeding

Nigerians are very passionate about children and the protection of their rights which include life and education. If you hit any school child as a result of over-speeding, you may be lynched right on that spot if you are caught by concerned crowd. This will even prevent you from having chance to explain yourself to law enforcement agency. Always slow down around school areas since you are aware of the nature of children.


School area, slow down!

2. Stay alert when in school environment

‘A good driver is a patient driver’ as the saying goes. You have to be calm and concentrate fully when driving around schools. The school children innocently may find themselves in front of your car and if you are distracted, you end up hitting them.

3. Always obey school road signs

Hardly will you find any school along major road that won’t have safety signs for their pupils. These signs are there for a purpose; to caution drivers against reckless driving and to guarantee the safety of the children. Pay attention to these signs to avoid any mishap.

Video: How to drive properly in a school zone

4. Reverse with caution

Reversing your vehicle can be a bit challenging especially in areas where school children often pass. Be very careful not to drive over a school kid. If possible, ask for assistance from an elderly passerby to help you watch out for these children while you reverse your car.

Do not forget that we have bulk of safety tips like this on Naijauto, always visit!

Oluwaseun Adeniji
Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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