10 tips to know for driving in the rainy season


Posted by: Joshua-Philip Okeafor

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Driving in normal weather is risky; factor in pouring rain, wet roads and poor visibility and it's worse! These tips will make you a champ!

As the dry season ends, the rains will soon come calling all over the country. It's quite obvious that driving in the raining season is a lot different from driving when everything is dry. For many drivers yet to be experts at rainy roads navigation, this is the period they resort to using public transportation. However, whether you are an expert or not, the roads during rains present a very special challenge to all drivers. Luckily, you need not abandon your vehicle just because the clouds are heavy. There are simple techniques to help you be a champion driver in the wet as well as when the weather is fine. Follow these tips from naijauto.com and you will never get wet as you go to and from work:


Driving in the rain need not be hazardous if you are careful

1) Check your windshield washer or wiper

This is the most important thing you should do. You ‘might’ be using less of the windshield wiper during the dry season but now is the period when you will constantly use it. When the rain falls, it creates a blurry vision on the windscreen, if your windshield washer or wiper is in bad condition, imagine the havoc it will create when you can't see the road properly. Check your windshield wiper and washer now and fix any little issues they may have to prevent sudden disappointments. If the rubber on it seems to be worn out, don't just overlook it, fix it and don't ‘manage it’. When you use a windscreen with a worn out rubber on it, it can scratch your windscreen adding to streaks.


Keep your wiper well maintained to improve visibility in bad weather

2) Inspect your battery

The cold weather can have huge negative effects on the durability of a car engine and the car battery. If you have battery that is designed to last longer, there is a possibility of its durability shortening by the rain or cold weather. It can cause bloating, terminals corrosion or even cause it to dry out. You should inspect your car battery or take it to your car technician during rainy days for periodic checks up to prevent or detect damage.

3) Inspect the brakes

Sometimes driving on a wet road can affect the brakes. On rainy days, grease can be spent from the brakes when always in contact with water through splashes. Make sure your brakes are in great condition with enough lubrication.

4) Ensure your tires are tip top

Keep your car tIre in as good a condition as you possibly can for rainy days, though you should do the same for dry days too. If you want to have a perfect ride while cutting through water when it's raining, then your car tires should not be shallow or low. Check and maintain perfect tire pressure for your car. It shouldn't be too high or too low. If you have low tire pressure, then you may have difficulty driving through water when it's raining.


Brakes and tires can be affected by wet roads so watch out!

5) Inspect your seat belts

Make sure your car belts are all in proper order. If it is loose or damaged, fix it. You should always make use of your car belts. Also ensure your airbag is  working great too.

6) Check for any water leaks

When the rainy season is approaching, that is when to check for any water leakage around your car. Rubber sealing was created for the car to help prevent water leaking into the vehicle, therefore make sure they are in not frayed or too old. You don't want to have a pool of water in your car, which also adds an awful smell to your car seats.

7) Get an emergency kit

Be prepared for the rainy day and get an emergency kit. It could contain a flashlight or torch, phone charger, jumper cable, a tow cable, screwdrivers and pliers, motor oil, a blanket, a tire sealant and even more. The point is, you need to be prepared for any unexpected events.


An emergency kit means you are not so stranded even in a mishap

8) Wash and wax the car properly

In rainy season, car dirt tends to be sticky. You should probably wash and wax your car. And also concentrate on the windscreen and headlights. Waxing seals up areas where the paint is chipped, preventing rust, which your car is especially prone to in wet weather.

9) Check your headlights or taillights

What matters most when driving in any weather condition is the visibility of the road you are driving on. Ensure your car headlights, taillights and even blinkers are in perfect condition. This is not only for your safety but also for incoming cars and passers-by.


It's very important to see where you are going and warn others that you are coming

10) Drive slowly

This is the time to take a heavy foot off the speed pedal. Don't always be in a rush when driving on a rainy day. If you are on an expressway, you should maintain a safe level of speed. Always remember that your life and that of others are more important than the appointment you are rushing to keep.

These tips will keep you safe and comfortable as you drive through this season. Happy cruising!

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Joshua-Philip Okeafor
Joshua-Philip Okeafor

Joshua-Philip Okeafor

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