10 simple driving habits to save more fuel


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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Saving fuel means saving money but a lot of drivers don't know how to do it. Read through these 10 simple driving tips to save more fuel that many are unaware of.

It’s always a wise decision to reduce your spending on fuel. So, anytime you are about to drive your car, think of what you can do to keep the fuel under the budget. This article by Naijauto will provide you with some driving tips for fuel economy.

1. Close all the windows and turn AC on

Wind is always a potential threat to your car, that’s why car manufacturers care much about it. Make sure you close all the windows when running fast and try not to store any item on the car roof. They may appear small, but the added wind resistance is significant. You can save up to 20% of the fuel annually with this method.

closing windows when run fast to save fuel

Remember to close all the windows while running fast

2. Don’t rush

Instead of driving at 80mph, try slowing down to 70 mph, it can save you roughly 25% of the fuel. In the narrower streets, driving at 60mph can further decrease fuel usage for 10% more.

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3. Take care of your car

Take it to the maintenance service regularly and be sure it uses the right engine oil. This is noted in the owner manual for your reference.

If you don't have the car manual, please check here on how to download it from the Internet. And always check for car maintenance tips by Naijauto experts to take good care of your car!

4. Keep an observant eye

Stay focus while driving and predict other drivers’ behaviors, potholes, or any dangerous obstacles. The smoother the ride is, the less fuel spent unnecessarily. Try to reduce the sudden brakes as well as accelerating.

driving with high attention

Stay focus while driving to avoid sudden brakes

5. Drop the RPM

Some people raise the revs to 3000 RPM for petrol and 2500 RPM for diesel engine before shifting up one gear. However, it is more economical to shift at 2500 and 2000 respectively. Additionally, stay on the higher gears like 5th or 6th to optimize the fuel usage.

6. Check the tires

Tires play an important role in fuel efficiency. Check the tires frequently to see if it is properly inflated or not with any hole or crack, also check for uneven wear between the tires. The right inflation can increase fuel efficiency by 2%.

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7. Unload your car

The heavier load the car gets, the more fuel it will use for sure. Therefore, remove unnecessary items before going on a trip, take it as an opportunity for you to clean the car, too.

8. Do what the speed bumps want

They are there to slow you down, for the safety of others, but also for the safety of your wallet. Drives slowly past all the speed bump instead of sudden movements like accelerating quickly just to brake right before the next one. As mentioned above, sudden movements cost a lot of fuel that you could have saved.

car running through speed bump

The speed bump does what it wants, you save your money - such a win-win situation

9. Choose the right source of cooling

Air conditioning is optimal when in high-speed, but in the crowded city road, open windows should be the way to go.

10. Forget the car

That’s right, try public transport or cycling instead, save you money and in the meantime, save the environment!

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Oluwaseun Solomon

Oluwaseun Solomon

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