How to survive Nigerian roads? - Learn these driving etiquette in Nigeria!


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Driving in Nigeria can feel like a wild sport sometimes especially during the rush hours, where everyone seems to be in a competition of who is in more of a hurry. To survive, equip yourself with these driving etiquette in Nigeria!

Believe me! Learning proper driving etiquette in Nigeria will go a long way in keeping you safe and keeping accident index low. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t change it for them when necessary.  A wise man once said “Simplicity is not stupidity."

1. Always wear your seat belt & insist that your passengers do

In a state like Lagos, wearing the seat belt is very important so you need to take it as important as possible, and not just only you but your passengers too. Besides, the seatbelt helps protect you against accidents.


Wearing seat belt while driving can distinguish you from ignorant drivers

2. Use the horn infrequently

Horns were made for warning or signifying to pedestrians or other drivers. It's not because you feel like the traffic light or warden should have passed you. A simple beep! beep!! would be enough.


Use your horn when necessary to avoid causing annoyance

3. Don’t tailgate (bumper to bumper)

Tailgating is simply not keeping enough distance between you and the car in front of you, in a situation where the driver in front stops suddenly there’s always a big chance, you’d rear-end the car.

>>> How far should you be from the car next to you? Check here: Knowing the safe driving distance between cars

4. Don’t drive while distracted 

Taking a call while driving or trying to finish up your make up while driving puts you and every other person on the road at risk. Driving requires full attention and these activities interfere with your ability to concentrate. If you really need to engage in anything asides driving you should park. Don’t forget to turn on your hazard lights especially at night.

5. Don’t drink and drive

This is a no no, studies have shown that alcohol can impair your ability to control eye movement and see clearly, it also affects your ability to judge depth and distance. And based on what was earlier discussed, driving requires full attention.


Drinking then driving means you're committing suicide

>>> You should be security conscious while in traffic too. Check here to avoid getting robbed How to prevent car thieves from accessing your car

6. Using the indicator (Trafficator)

Always use your indicators before changing lanes or turning a corner. This informs other upcoming vehicles of your intention and avoid accidents due to misunderstanding.

7. Don’t drive in the breakdown lane 

You know that part of road that is not tarred? Yeah, you shouldn’t drive there, it is meant for emergency situations. There’s always a temptation to especially when the public transporter’s “Danfo” are passing there, don’t!!!

You shouldn’t make left turns from the right lane, or vice versa.

8. Acknowledge other drivers

A simple wave when someone allows you merge, or signaling another driver to merge or even to a pedestrian that is trying to cross. That makes a civilized Nigerian driver!

9. Watch your speed

Its best to go with the flow of the traffic which should usually be around the speed limit, driving faster or slower increases the chances of accidents or causing traffic.


FYI: speeding is top cause of road accidents in Nigeria

10. Don't change lanes too frequently

Only change lanes when you have a reason, such as turning or passing. Just a single sudden move on the road can lead to tragic sceneries.

11. Don’t drive clueless

Don't drive along without a clue of what you are doing or where you are going. If you know you need to turn left soon, get in the left turn lane as quickly as possible. Hesitant drivers not only cause annoyance to other people nearby but also trigger serious accidents.

12. Keep the music in your car

The gbedu can always enter body but ensure no one else can hear your speakers blaring, so keep the volume of your music low enough to only be heard by people in your car.


Some music helps you better enjoy the trip but make sure it stays in your place

13. Pull over for emergency vehicles

If you see a flashing light or hear a siren, pull over and let the emergency vehicle pass. Someone's life may be at stake. Although this privilege is often misused but you can never be too sure.

14. Bad behavior or driving

Never respond to other people's rudeness with even more bad manners because once tempers flare, the situation becomes dangerous. Everybody dey vex for Nigeria no mean say make we turn road to boxing ring. You might be thinking to yourself that some of these etiquette won’t work in Nigeria, but the idea is that the change we want starts from us.

>>> Visit to update useful safe driving tips for Nigerian drivers!


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